From choosing an Internet Service Provider to the gigs per month, all of the technical jargon around internet services can be very confusing, and the choices overwhelming. You may have heard of a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short. While it may seem like ‘just more money’ and an indulgence besuited to the tech-savvy, there are actually many benefits that will make life just a bit safer and convenient for you.

1. Protect Yourself Away From Home

As a society, we’ve become so deeply engaged with technology on a daily basis that we seldom truly acknowledge how much we actually rely on it. If you’re like the average person, your devices store your banking information, home address, account passwords, and your browsing history. While you sit unassumingly in the coffee shop, without adequate security, it is easier for the wrong people to get ahold of your personal data.

2. Protect Yourself At Home

A good proxy service will protect your sensitive information from scammers and hackers. However, it also provides you protection from your home internet service provider (ISP). ISP has legal access to much of your private data and in many places can legally sell this data to other third parties who can then do what they want with it. A good VPN provides enhanced, up-to-date security features that will give you peace of mind, no matter where you are, including protecting you from your IPS in your home.

3. Get Unlimited Access, Content, and Games, and Save Money

Have you ever wanted to watch something and come to find that access is unavailable in your region? It’s even worse if spoilers are being posted all over social media. A good VPN will do more for you than security, as it makes it simple to change Steam region, giving you access to networks, games, and other services that you wouldn’t normally be able to access from your IP address. Moreover, a good VPN can also save you money! Many brands have regionally specific pricing and promotions, so having the ability to change your region and go undetected, you’ll be protected from price gouging that you would otherwise be subject to just because you happen to live in a certain area. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of promotions intended for other regions.

4. Protect Your Data from Apps, Services, And The Government 

IPS are not the only ones after your data, of course. Many mobile and desktop applications, digital services, and government bodies track, store, use and manipulate data. Facebook has been chastised publicly for its unethical access and use of personal data. The legality of this differs from one place to the next, and as the digital world changes rapidly governing bodies, and therefore legislation, struggle to keep up. Investing in a good VPN service is the best way to protect yourself and your family or company.

5. Get Ahead of Your IPS and Data-Throttling

IPS aren’t exactly known for being generous. In fact, the opposite is sort of true. We’ve all hit that wall toward the end of the month (or earlier!); the notice from the IPS that you’ve nearly used your monthly allowance and the internet will now be slower until the period renews. This is called data-throttling. It’s especially frustrating when you work from home, or when you were planning to stream the new Scorsese film. If the pandemic has taught us anything, aside from how much better restaurant food is when it isn’t takeaway, it is that a proper home internet connection is important. Your VPN can protect you from the avarice of the IPS, ensuring that you are getting your money’s worth and the upper hand.

6. It Turns Any Device Into A Remote Control for Your Home 

We live in the age of smart tech, and we should all be able to take advantage of the many benefits. Another cool benefit of VPNs is that you can remotely access and control your smart technology. Running late and need to throw dinner in as soon as you get home? Get the oven heating while you’re on your way home. Traveling? Control your lights to make it appear someone is home, and set the thermostat to kick in before you get home, so it’s the perfect temperature when you arrive. By opting for a good VPN, this can easily be your reality.

There are many other benefits of a good VPN, but these should be significant enough to convince you. Spending a bit more per month is worth the added peace of mind, added enjoyment, and so that you can get the most out of the services you are already paying for.

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