The university stage is the most academically demanding, so it requires a lot of time and dedication. Getting good grades, learning, and being an outstanding student in the class is not easy, however, with the right college study habits you can achieve all that and much more. 

We all know that getting rid of bad habits can be very difficult, but with the right techniques, you can overcome them and create new habits that will bring you many benefits. You don’t even have to turn to an essay writing service to get all your assignments done. Believe it or not, your academic performance depends as much on your IQ as on the study techniques you put into practice. 

Now, if you are looking to improve your university study habits, the first thing you should take into account is that you should not stop doing your daily activities, much less give up. To develop a habit requires a lot of time and patience, that is why it is not allowed to give up no matter how complicated it may seem to you. In this article, we will give you some tips to achieve excellent academic performance.    

The most popular study techniques: 

  • Making mind maps
  • Using study worksheets
  • Underline the main ideas
  • Make your own notes of what is most important
  • Make questionnaires

So, university study habits are to learn and develop techniques that will help you study in a structured and organized way, so it is recommended that these habits are developed in children and adolescents since, at the time of reaching the university, they will be able to acquire knowledge expeditiously.

University study habits to facilitate your learning

Do we study to pass or to acquire knowledge? You must know that the human being is in a constant learning process in all the stages of his life, therefore he is acquiring knowledge that will be useful in all the aspects that he must develop.

University and personal study habits are according to your organization depending on the time you dedicate to study, the space where you develop, the study techniques and methods you use. Below is a list of habits that you can put into practice:

1. Study ahead of time

This implies that if you have an exam in a couple of weeks or a couple of months, your university study habits will be focused on studying two hours a day to consolidate your knowledge and develop your long-term memory. Studying ahead of time before an assessment will help you avoid information overload and help you to fully master all the topics you need to study. 

2. Plan the material to be studied

It is very important that you learn to organize yourself to meet your study goal effectively and efficiently, to achieve higher performance, and invest little effort. For this, stipulate the hours that you are going to dedicate to each assignment, as well as the points to study, which will help you to keep order and to study each topic in depth. 

3. Take breaks

It is most advisable for your brain to assimilate the information, either by exercising before starting your study time. In the same way, in the middle of studying you can take breaks to rest and then dedicate yourself again 100%, since studying all day and before the exam is a bad habit that we must eliminate.

4. Study with motivation

In addition to energy and without hunger, our brain needs the energy to function well. It is also important that you feed yourself with carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables that provide you with energy to think faster and not fall asleep in the attempt. One way to motivate yourself is to think about the goal you want to achieve with all the college study habits you are developing. 

5. Take mock exams

It is a practice that can be very productive to simulate the moment of the exam, that is, you will already be able to calculate the time in which you can conclude the evaluation successfully. Although it is not a common practice, it can help you develop the ability to quickly analyze and synthesize information. 

6. Eliminate any type of distractions

Eliminate elements such as electronic equipment, including cell phones, as well as good lighting and a space where there is silence, soft music, and a cool climate. Distractions are the main reason why college study habits sometimes do not have the expected results, so it is best to avoid them.  

7. Take notes in class

Ask the necessary questions to clarify doubts, do not be afraid to ask, and make sure that the study material you use is up to date. Keep this in mind: “class given, the class studied”, so you will not accumulate information and it will be easier to study for the exam.

On the other hand, it is proven that making summaries helps you with memorization and understanding of the topics since you must study them to be able to make the summaries and explain them in your own words, that is, the way you understood them.  The best way is to use digital notes.

8. Study every day 

To develop college study habits you need to study every day. You will also be able to minimize your study time, so you can optimize your schedule for other activities. An advantage of studying every day is that it increases your chances of remembering points or topics more easily and, of course, improves your performance in classes.


A habit is the practice of a particular activity, constantly or repeatedly. Having good university study habits means that you will regularly acquire knowledge and develop skills that will improve your academic performance and facilitate the learning of new things.

Study techniques are the strategies that you will implement, as well as the procedures or methods that you will have to put into practice so that you can learn more easily, memorize fast and improve your academic performance.

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