Aaron Donald Net Worth = $135 Million

Aaron Donald is a Pittsburgh native who went to the University of Pittsburgh. He is far undersized for a defensive tackle at 6'1 and 280 lbs, but that never stopped him from aiming at being the best in the league.

In his young career, he has already racked up accolades and achievements. He was named defensive rookie of the year after he was drafted 13th overall by the then St. Louis Rams. Twice he has received AP defensive player of the year, received 6 pro bowl nominations. 

His ability to rush the quarterback from the middle of the defensive line has made him so formidable. You rarely see a defensive tackle as athletic as he is- in just six years, he's produced  72 sacks.

He has offensive coordinators completely changing blocking schemes to get double teams on him always- one of the many ways he has influenced the game. 

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Aaron Charles Donald

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Quotes - Aaron Donald Net Worth and Key Habits

"Any time you get a Hall of Fame player that even knows my name, you're going to be pumped about that." - Aaron Donald

"I have experience at every position... I think that's a plus for me."            - Aaron Donald

"I never let nothing ever get to me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion." - Aaron Donald

"I'm just a guy. There's nothing special about me." - Aaron Donald

"I'm just playing my game and trying to help my team win. Whatever happens, happens." - Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Be the Hardest Worker In the Room

Aaron Donald is a freak athlete. However, he didn't receive the size of a "prototypical" Defensive Tackle in the NFL. Technically, Donald is undersized. His size has never stopped him from working as hard as he can every day to maximize his abilities and strengths. He trains like an animal and never allows anyone to outwork him.

This mentality is vital to have in any walk of life. Knowing that no one will ever outwork you will build your confidence, empower you to get sh*t done, and grind your way to success.

Habit #2: Cross Train

Donald is great at doing many things. Other activities that will help develop other parts of his mentality, physical strength, and other athletic attributes. For example, he is a fantastic ping pong player.

It is important to venture outside of your comfort zone and learn new skills that may help enhance your already good traits. Doing new things can help you make new connections and develop different perspectives.

Habit #3: Study

As a football player in the NFL, you should be looking for some form of advantage. You get that from film study. You can gain so much knowledge from studying opponents' tendencies. Donald spends hours studying an offensive lineman's weaknesses and strengths.

This mindset is essential for life in general. Studying your job and the ins and outs of whatever you are trying to accomplish will only serve you in the future. Constant learning should always be a priority.

Summary - Aaron Donald Net Worth and Key Habits


Hardest Worker In The Room


Cross Train



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