Allergic to Average



How to Leave Mediocre Behind and Live Your Best Life By Changing Your Mindset and Habits


What They Say about the Book

Allergic to Average, written by Ian Warner, is a game-changer. Perspectives of the status quo will be altered for the better as Warner shakes up what it means to live an “average” lifestyle. Readers are shown the path toward living a purposeful life which was designed especially for them. Throughout the book, Warner challenges readers to two specific concepts that are seamlessly intertwined together: working for peanuts and a peanut allergy. 


“Ian does a great job at laying out what it truly means the be allergic to average. It’s beyond being afraid of it. He gives practical steps to help you head towards your goals and beyond. This is a great read for anyone and everyone!"



What’s Inside the Book?

Realizing Average 

The book begins with the author's personal story. The moment a janitor look him in his eye and let him know that he was underachieving. 

Striving for Greatness

The journey to greatness is told in parallel with the author figuring out that he was allergic to peanuts. He also becomes sickened by the idea of being mediocre. 

Setting Up Habits to Succeed

In the last section the author discovers the power of habits and how anyone can use them to change their life for the better. He finds greatness in his 

About the Author

Ian Warner

Ian Warner has spent over 15 years building positive habits as a track athlete. He went on to become an All-American sprinter at Iowa State, and he represented Canada at the 2012 Olympics. Ian founded Habit Stacker and dedicated his life to helping people to develop winning habits.