There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. This period does not last. He returns headlong to his beard. – Jean Cocteau. Here are 26 Best Beard Quotes.

Beard Quotes

1. “I will never shave off my beard and mustache. I did once, for charity, but my wife said, ‘Good grief, how awful, you look like an American car with all the chrome removed.’” – Rolf Harris

2. “I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man.” – Johnny Weir

3. “You don’t know the power of the beard.”– Unknown

4. “I really try to spend as little time as possible on grooming. I think if you have a good moisturizer and a solid razor to clean up the beard, you’re golden.” – Chris Evans

5. “I like having a beard. What’s funny is when you shave a beard, you realize how freezing cold your face is! The primary purpose evolution-wise is to keep you warm, to grow hair on your face. You shave it off, and your face is freezing for a few days.” – Adam Scott

6. “I don’t work out much but my beard lifts hearts.”– Unknown

Beard Quotes

7. “Not for a moment, beautiful aged Walt Whitman, have I failed to see your beard full of butterflies.” – Federico Garcia Lorca

8. “Beard is like niqab, that covers cheeks.” ― Arsalan Khan

9. “The funny thing about having any kind of mustache or beard is it grows on you—in two ways. I mean, it grows on you. It also becomes part of your identity. I’ve had it for 40 years. I don’t think I would recognize the person in the mirror without it.” ― John W. Boyer

10. “I don’t like myself without a beard.” – Jamie Dornan

11. “Men who think beards are too itchy will find manhood too heavy.”– Unknown

12. “Don’t go shaving, fellas.”― Alexander “Conquistador” Antebi

13. “A goatee is to beards what diamonds are to ornaments.” ― Pawan Mishra

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Beard Quotes

14. “When a bearded man is around I can’t keep calm.”– Unknown

15. “It’s good to have beardless friends. When you go out, people will assume you are their leader.”– Unknown

16.“The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress.” – Ashton Kutcher

17. “You know what I like about a beard? You can always look contemplative.” – Joshua Jackson

18. “For me, the great problem growing up in England was that I had a very narrow concept of what god can be, and it was damn close to an old man with a beard.” – John Cleese

19. “Ideas are born from a beard stroke.”– Unknown

20. “A full beard looks cool.” – Richard C. Armitage

Beard Quotes

21. “Kissing a man with a beard is like going to a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little bush to get there.”– Unknown

22. “Beards – saving the husband’s from ill-timed expressions since eternity.” ― ShahenshahHafeez Khan

23. “If you want to grow a beard like mine, the only thing I can tell you is that you have to have patience. You just have to let it grow.” – Daniel Bryan

24. “A decent mustache can intimidate a man, while a great mustache can frighten an army.”― Anya Wylde

25. “Your character tells the world you are a real man. Your beard is mostly the exclamation point.”– Unknown

26. “When someone has a problem with your beard, remember that’s its not your problem.” – Unknown

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Best of Beard Quotes

“When I was a kid, I had this idea that I would have a beard when I got older. I thought it'd be nice to rub my chin.” ― Rosario Dawson
“I never had long hair before I got busted. I never had a beard before I got busted.” ― Charles Manson
 “I'm a pretty clean eater, so my beard probably just smells like the blood of my enemies.” ― Eric Hendrixson

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