What is a warrior?

A warrior is someone protecting the interests of his or her king or queen? Are they someone who lives by a certain set of ethics, and moral?  A person who protects the weak and eliminates the people and things that look to persecute those that cannot define themselves. When you apply this to your daily life and you are trying to figure out how to wake up early, the warrior does whatever it takes. 

Who is a warrior?Your mother, your father, your sister, your brother and YOU ARE!

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How is a warrior?

Is he or she someone who is brought up in the crucible of life? Are they someone who is forced to do ungodly things? Are they the ones who are afraid, but step into the darkness with a smile on their faces?  Those that train, study and look to find ways to be the best they can be in any avenue in life can be a fighter.

When is a warrior?

Are they someone who is one minute a boy and then next a man? Are they a warrior when they decide to take on the rights of passage of those who came before them? The inner fighter comes out when you need it the most. You can gain access to it whenever you need it.

Why is a warrior?

Does he only exist to serve and protect? Does she worry about everyone but themselves? Are they a necessity for those less brave? These questions bring up even more questions. However, the inner fighter is there for a reason. They exist to do the things we thought we never could do.

Where is a warrior?

Are they there for you whenever you need them? Are they reliable and waiting to act at a moments notice? The fighter within you is with you wherever you are. They travel within you and can be brought forward at any time. It is the ability to dig within wherever you are! No matter if you want to build a business, or know how to wake up early, your inner warrior will help you. 

Your mother, your father, your sister, your brother and YOU ARE!

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