Biz Stone Net Worth = $250 million

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Christopher Isaac Stone

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Founder Of Twitter



Biz Stone has been involved in multiple tech bases services. The main being a founder of Twitter. He has also been involved with Slack, Medium, Nest, Beyond Meat, Pinterest, Intercom, and Faraday. He also works as a board member for a number of these companies as well.

Biz is also a philanthropist with a mind for animal rights, environmental, and social causes. Using his prior success to improve the work in some form or fashion.

Quotes - Biz Stone Net Worth and Key Habits 

When you hand good people possibility, they do great things. - Biz Stone

Your goals should be bigger than your ego. - Biz Stone

Constraint inspires creativity. - Biz Stone

Opportunity is manufactured. - Biz Stone

Investing in your dream is the first and biggest step toward making it come true. - Biz Stone

Biz Stone Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1: Make Your Own Future

The opportunities in your life do not come from chance. They come from your constant work. They come from your creativity. You are the one who invents and creates your opportunities by continually being vigilant. The future can be what you want if you decide first and have clear directions to get there.

Habit #2: Goals That Are Bigger Than You

It would help if you had goals that surpass you. What I mean by that is having goals that are bigger than your ego. It would help if you put the goals before yourself, and that means humbling yourself to achieve them. Doing things you need to do will sometimes surpass the items you want to do. People who make or accomplish big things care more about the goals and the mission than anything else.

Habit #3: Create

It would help if you created something daily. Make something using a medium you love. It doesn't matter what it is, but getting creative is essential for maximizing your full potential. Make a podcast, write a blog, paint, draw, it doesn't matter; just make stuff! The Biz Stone Net Worth is what it is because he has been willing to create and put himself out there.








Creative Director of Xanga

Works At Googl 

Helps Found Twitter

Founds Jelly

Announces Return To Twitter

Things A Little Bird Told Me by Biz Stone (2014-04-24)
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Summary - Biz Stone Net Worth and Key Habits


Make Your Own Future


Goals That Are Bigger Than You



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