It’s never been more important to consider the environmental impact of how and where we live. Many Americans are looking for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly, and the housing market is meeting these demands.  

If you’re looking for a new home and want to ensure it is sustainable, there are many things to look out for. Here are some top tips for what to look for when choosing an environmentally friendly property.  

Look For Signs Of Damp And Mold 

Damp and mold are signs that your home is not well sealed. If you want low utility bills and high energy efficiency, learn the signs of damp and mold. Older homes are more prone to damp and mold.  

Assess The Windows 

Choose a property with tightly sealed windows. Check their energy rating to ensure suitability. Avoid houses with older windows or be prepared to replace the windows when you move in.  

Research Eco-Friendly Furnaces 

Learn about furnace heating systems and which are the most eco-friendly. Choose a furnace with good annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE).  

Select A Yard With Space For Composting 

Composting reduces waste from your household. Ensure a property has space for a compost heap in the yard in an area away from the elements and protected from wildlife.  

Consider The Materials  

Ask the realtor about the materials the property is made from. Ensure they are sustainable and eco-friendly. Ask where suppliers source material and choose local suppliers.  

Choose A Property That Complements Its Natural Surroundings 

Look for a property that complements the natural beauty of its surroundings. A mountain home that contrasts with the beauty of nature could be perfect. Find out more about beautiful modern mountain homes from Benloch Ranch.  

Ask About Insulation 

Insulation makes a property cheaper to heat and more energy efficient. Ensure it is installed in all the gaps in a property to see the best results. Between walls, floor cavities, and the attic should all be insulated. Look for insulation that is made of sustainable materials and will last.  

Look For Renewable Energy Suppliers In The Area 

Ensure there are renewable energy providers in the area that service the property. Shop around for the best deals and most eco-friendly providers.  

Learn About Passive Housing 

Find out about properties in your area that require little to no energy to heat, known as passive houses. A passive house is built to capitalize on the sun’s angle year-round, is airtight and well insulated.  

Put Money Aside For Eco Improvements  

Save additional funds to do extra work on the property to get it to your eco-friendly standards. Make a list of requirements and work out a budget to get them all.  

Consider A Green Roof 

Add even more greenery to the property by converting the roof into a green roof. Add soil and seeds to grow plants on your roof, improving the aesthetic and reducing wastewater.  

Start An Eco Garden 

If the property has a yard, plant the best plants to help the local flora and fauna thrive. Grow local plants and ensure there is plenty of greenery.

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