Freddie Roach Net Worth = $20 Million

is an American boxing trainer and former professional boxer. Roach is widely regarded as one of the best boxing trainers of all time. He is the enduring boxing coach of the eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao, and five-time and four-division world champion Miguel Cotto.

He has also worked with former UFC Middleweight and two-time Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre, he has also trained former junior welterweight champion Amir Khan.

Many people don't realize that Freddie Roach suffers from Parkinson's Disease which is a sever neurological disease that effects motor skills. His ability to get in the ring with his fighters and get fully involved is what makes him such a great coach and trainer. 

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Fredrick Steven Roach

Boxing Trainer

Manny Pacquiao's Trainer



Quotes - Freddie Roach Net Worth and Key Habits

God doesn't give a F*ck who wins, he's got bigger things to do. - Freddie Roach

If we don't win this fight, it's just because we can't. -Freddie Roach

Most champions get satisfied and lazy or are content with themselves.- Freddie Roach

I know when I first start working with Manny that he was something special. But eight world titles? No one could have expect that.- Freddie Roach

He fights with his heart and emotion. People say you should change him and settle him down. But this is what makes him exciting and you can't take it away from him.- Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Be Resilient

Roach has Parkinson's. That's right a severe degenerating neurological disease. He has been battling it for some time now and accredits his work for keeping him strong. He believes staying active is what keeps the disease at bay. 

This ability to take on hardship and move past it will be the difference maker for you as a human being never mind a business owner, athlete etc. It doesn't matter who you're there will be times that come that may seem insurmountable and you're ability to be resilient enough to move past them is going to help your growth.

Habit #2: Follow Your Passion

Freddie Roach was a pretty good boxer in his own right, and he took that passion for the sport and imparted it into this athletes. He has a deep passion for the ins and outs of the sport. It is what drives him to be one of the best trainers on the planet.

Your passion for something is going to help drive you to be the best at it. When you have a deep love for something it will drive you through some of the tough times that may come and it will allow you to stay interested into what you are trying to accomplish. Follow the things you love and you will live a happy life.

Habit #3: Be Fully Involved

If you watch Freddie Roach train his athletes he is in the ring, fully clad in protective equipment basically sparing with his athletes. He gets fully involved in what he is doing. Something most people lack. 

Whatever you are doing you should dive in 100%. It doesn't make sense to have your foot half way into something. You should only do something that gets you fully immersed.

Summary - Freddie Roach Net Worth and Key Habits


Be Resilient


Follow Your Passion


Be Fully Involved

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