When you think about brain training games you think about things like sudoku and word searches but these days there are much more entertaining options available. Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones and developers have found fun and exciting ways to keep our minds sharp. Developers have created games that are specifically designed to improve your mental strength. We spoke to Tech Companies and Remote IT Support Providers to see which were their top picks. The best part about these kind of games is that you can play them from your phone, which you will always have with you, so it is quick and simple to play these games at any time. Here we have a list of games and websites to improve your mental strength. 




Most brain strengthening games focus on images and pattern identification but Elevate focuses on words. Elevate is available on iOS and Android and was chosen as Apple’s App of the Year for 2014. Elevate as a unique system that is focused on listening, reading and writing. This is based on the idea that language is the basis of communication which improves your language skills. Elevate offers a Freemium option, as well as paid options which will give you access to even more activities. 




Lumosity is one of the best brain-training tools available. It has been around since 2007 and has grown to over 70 million users. Lumosity is based on a range of cognitive science, which has found that doing a range of mental exercises can improve both your mental ability and memory. To start with Lumosity, there is an evaluation process that tests you on a range of areas. It then uses this information to form a personalized training plan. All you need is 15 minutes each day. Lumosity offers both a free option and a paid option, which will give you access to more activities. 




One of the main reasons people focus on building their mental strength is to ensure they can maintain their mental wellness as they age. As you gain new experiences and learn new information throughout your life, it gets more difficult to recall these memories. Eidetic uses a mental principle called ‘spaced repetition’ to help improve your memory. It works by asking you to select some information that you want to recall, Eidetic will then interrupt you at regular intervals and test you on that information. If you’re one of the many Managed Service Providers UK Businesses trust, you know all about data storage and security. You won’t have to worry about your data being used as it is remotely stored in cloud storage, which also allows you to do the training from any device.




Brain-training games don’t need to be super complex for results to be effective. Snowman understands this and has produced an app that has a single activity with an uncluttered presentation. This app has the ability to make huge strides into your short-term and long-term memory. The game challenges you to watch and repeat a sequence of colored lights and sounds. The great part is that you can play it against your friends to show who has the best memory. What may play on the heart strings is that each $0.99 app downloaded is donated to Alzheimer’s research. 


Xperica HD

As much as we may think that improving our intelligence is simply working on your memorization. Becoming a real genius comes from experimentation and discovery. This is what makes Xperica HD one of the best mobile games on the market. The app consists of physical sciences and focuses on basic principles such as hydrostatic motion. It lets you work in a virtual laboratory where you can manipulate variables and see the results. Having a great understanding of the scientific method can help you receive great rewards in many areas of your mental skills.

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