Sometimes it is important to know where you stand. You should always be pushing the needle forward with your goals using this type of goal setting theory. You should be testing yourself in all areas of your life just to get the understanding of where you used to be.  When you are creating a grit test, you should have someone else do it for you. The reason behind this is so not to make it too easy on yourself. The idea is to find where you are exactly. Not where you are based on the lowered standards your subconscious may set up for you.

I will lay out a different grit test for you to complete in each of the major categories of success!

When you are trying to get better in all aspects of life you need to form habits that are going to stick. You are going to have to do away with the bad habits and bring in the good ones. Your ability to stack little habits on top of another is how you make things stick.

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Mental Grit Test

Time to get your mind right. We are going to work on your mental game with this grit test.  It is always easy to do a single day of tests or a single test. However, let's make these grit test long. Let's make it take a month. You need to reach a goal by the end of the month. It is easy to set one day and see where you are but can you be consistent every single day in order to reach your goal? That is the big question using goal setting theory will help you figure out. Many people skate day by day doing their normal routines and they miss the part that you should be constantly improving or working toward something every day and that is where this grit test is going.

Let's get out our old pencils and note pads. Now you are going to go on the internet and find a comfortable math level to start at and complete 20 math equations every single day. Start reading 1 book a week on top of that. That's right 1 book a week. That's the test you can choose whatever books you want to read but you need to read 4 books that month and complete 600 math equations that month. Watch how much your cognitive abilities increase. You will make connections you may have struggled to make prior to this grit test.

Emotional Grit Test

Volunteer your time to something or someone you feel strongly about. You are going to find that people on this planet can be cold. They can learn to shut off emotionally. We want to be open to people. People are what is going to make us successful. People are the ones that pay us for our services, people are the ones that get us healthy, people are the ones that help us out of tough situations. So all of that being said let's get your emotional strength up and see where you stand when it comes to how you deal with people.

There are a number of organizations that are looking for volunteers. Find one that you identify with. Get in contact with the volunteer coordinator and get to work. Do it for a month. You need to get yourself into a situation where you are at least connected to the cause.

Volunteer work is difficult, you are not getting paid and you have to focus in on the good you are doing for others. That means when people are pushing you, asking things of you, and wanting things from you, you're not getting compensated for it. That means you can simply leave and not come back when you are fed up with it. That is where the grit test comes into play. Don't quit. You need to stick through that emotional battering. It is important that you re able to keep your emotions in check when everyone has their hands out asking things of you without any reward coming back your way.

Physical Grit Test

Time to sweat. Again I love big time single day or single session challenges. However, I believe it can be easy to have grit for one day or an hour. However, it is much harder to have grit over a prolonged period of time.  I will lay out a couple of challenges that you can use for your physical grit test. If you have a kettlebell then 10,000 swings in the month. If you don't have any equipment then 10,000 push-ups.  If you have been doing your math equations you would know that that is close to 335 push-ups per day on average.

Another challenge you can add is walking with a weight vest for distance covered over the month. Get as many kilometers or miles as you can over the month. Then when you go to take your grit test again you have to beat that number.

You can get creative here. Find something you hate doing and get better at it for a month. If you don't run often then start running daily. If you never lift weights then get in the weight room and start strength training. Find what you're bad at and use that as your grit test. It is easy to test yourself in things you are good at. It is more difficult to do things you hate every single day.

Habit Stacker = Freedom

When you are trying to get better in all aspects of life you need to form habits that are going to stick. You are going to have to do away with the bad habits and bring in the good ones. Your ability to stack little habits on top of another is how you make things stick. Habit Stacker is the app for you. It is going to give you the ability to track your habits as give you a real-life tool that can help guide you in the right direction and keep you rolling towards your ultimate goals! Using this kind of goal setting theory is a game changer. 

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