Habits to change your life can be a strange thing. We all have them whether we want to believe it or not. We all have things we do every single day that is almost religious. Some things are not productive and others are extremely productive. However, some people are missing one aspect of the entire equation.  They are missing the habits of health that help boost their entire lives. There are 4 areas of health that I believe should be addressed when you are trying to obtain habits of health

When you are trying to add new habits of health into your life it is good to help keep track of your progress. Habit stacker is going to give you a real-life tool that will help you move toward fully implementing any and all habits you want into your life!

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Habits of health: Physical

Wake Up An Hour Early

Getting up a little bit earlier will give you some time to get things done. It will open up some time to get in that workout or that walk. It will also help you reset your internal clock. Many people don't realize that we are not meant to be nocturnal animals. We should rise and fall with the sun but these amazing devices we have in our pockets and on our TV stands tend to allow us the ability to stay up as late as we want which in turn changes our sleeping patterns entirely.

This habit is hard to adopt because you may have been conditioned to wake up later and fall asleep even later than that. It starts with setting a time you can be okay with and applying discipline to that venture. There will be a period where you will need to adjust to this new wake up time but it will be worth the effort! This is a key habit to change your life right here!

10 Minute Walk

One of the easiest physical habits of health you can adopt. Take 10 minutes of your day and go for a walk.  It is important to move your body is someway every day and with almost every job revolving around a computer or a phone. Everyone can find 10 minutes to escape whatever job you have or whatever it is you are doing to just go walk the block, the street, the city, it is healthy to get out into nature in general but find one time per day that works best for you and do it EVERYDAY.

Work Out

This is probably the most obvious habits of health you should be adopting. However, it is one of the most important ones. Exercise gives you so many benefits it is an entirely another article.  Like most things worthwhile however it takes time and effort to make things a habit. Many people what to know what type of exercise is the best and I always say it is the one that you're going to do.

If you enjoy lifting the weight then do that, if you enjoy running then do that, if you enjoy yoga then do that. The point is to start with something you actually know you're going to do. Then you can layer on new habits of health as you move forward on your journey.

Habits of health: Mental


I have spoken on meditation before. It is the one habits of health that I believe actually helped save my life and I truly believe that. I had zero experience when I dived into meditation. It was really hard to learn to just sit there and refocus my breath every 2 seconds because my brain would not shut up. However, with time I eventually became able to meditate for an hour at a time and feel refreshed and ready to go.

When you decide to start meditating just start with 10 breaths. Make it simple. If you can get to 10 breaths without your mind wondering then you can start adding time. Start with 1 minute and go from there. It is important to realize that the act of bringing yourself back to your breath is like working out any muscle group but for your brain.

Meditation is great at calming down your central nervous system. Those that have to scatterbrains, anxiety issues, and other nervous habits should really think about adding meditation to your daily schedule.


Everyone should be reading. Simple. Constantly improving your knowledge base should be the aim of every single successful person. It is important that you get into a book that you want to read first. In order for habits of health to stick you are going to have to start by doing something you want to do and that does not skip the reading aspect of mental health improvement.

Many people believe that everything you read should be non-fiction but I tend to shy away from that thought process. Many fiction books are great, they will help you develop some creativity that many people these days are missing. Don't just put your box around choices of book you read. Read whatever you find interesting.

If you are someone who despises reading but you are willing to dip your toes into the water it is simple to start. Pick up a book you think you'd like and read one page a day for a while. Anyone can read one page a day. It isn't important how you start just that you do!

Habits of health: Emotional


The best way to get over failure to fail more. Ya, that sounds messed up. Failing sucks, I get it. In fact, when you first encounter failure it hurts deep. However the more you fail the less it stings. There is one thing about failure that many people do not understand, it is inevitable.

You will encounter failure at some point and being so conservative about the things you do in order to avoid it does not make sense. It is important to harden yourself against failure but simply going out and breaking things. Push the limits to fail and fail often. You will build a thick skin that will allow you to keep moving toward your ultimate goals.

Call Someone You Love

Stop texting those you love all the time. Get used to making phone calls to people you love. Hearing the voice of someone you love serves to build deeper relationships. Call at least one person per day and talk to them about how they are, make sure they are good. I am a big fan of this. Everyone is reading love through text messages and we are losing the art of talking through the phone.

You can almost fully express how you are feeling about someone by talking with each other over the phone. Making real connections is more important than reading someone's hand-typed text message.

Habits to Change Your Life + Habit Stacker = Freedom

When you are trying to add new habits of health into your life it is good to help keep track of your progress. Habit stacker is going to give you a real-life tool that will help you move toward fully implementing any and all habits you want into your life!

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