How to become an excellent student today is of interest to many young men and women who want to succeed in their studies. This desire may arise naturally, but most often it is pushed by others: parents who want their child to succeed in life, classmates who are sometimes distinguished by cruel behavior and morally suppress “weak” children, as well as friends, if they differ in exemplary behavior and their rating in school is quite high.

To become an excellent student, you need to have good habits, develop your level of intelligence and, of course, have a great desire to earn this status.


First of all, the student must learn discipline, because studying at school is a schedule: he accepted the task – he passed it. Therefore, he needs to accustom himself to, firstly, going to bed at the same time and waking up the same way, even if it is a day off, and secondly, to do homework at the same time every day. At night, the intellectual abilities of a person decrease, because biologically the body tunes in to sleep, and this adversely affects the quality of the learned material. So, do not start writing nursing papers when it is time to go to bed. Therefore, there is no need to delay the completion of tasks.

Good Habits

The fact is that it is impossible to be an excellent student simply by turning in assignments on time, because teachers expect greater abilities from these guys than from the bulk of students. Therefore, developing your level of intelligence is one of the first necessities on the way to the title of “excellent student”. Reading at night is a very good way to increase mental capacity, and besides, it is relaxing. Learning how to spend time usefully is the basis of success in such a business, therefore, turning on the TV, it is better to stop your eyes not on TV shows, but on intellectual programs that develop erudition. Such useful habits will help to “revive” thought processes within a month and add new knowledge that will definitely come in handy in the future. Also, check services that could be helpful throughout your studies. They will definitely help you save your time and manage your personal life.


And now the most important thing, without which it is impossible to fulfill all the previous recommendations. It is very difficult to break the usual way of life, and in order to do this, you need to have a weighty goal, the thought of which will make the child sit down and do homework at a certain time, wake up on Sunday not at 10 am, but at 6:30 and switch the TV channel with your favorite entertainment show to another, with a more useful program that will lead him to his cherished goal. You can motivate yourself to take the lead in the ranking with the help of imagination, a wish card and your family, because relatives will be very happy when they find out that their child is the best not only for them, but also for teachers.

The rule of three essentials

How to prioritize correctly? Every morning, make a list of the three most important things to do. Those cases that will have a really serious impact on the future. This will help you focus and not be distracted by trifles, such as constantly browsing social media feeds and news. Besides, learn how to delegate. Use services that offer an essay writer for hire to have additional time.

Every day something new

Learn something new daily. It could be a new good habit, a foreign language, or even a new profession. You may have to force yourself from time to time, but imagine if you do at least a little self-improvement every day, then in a year you will already achieve tangible results.

Set aside short periods of time for learning

Researchers advise taking 30-50 minutes to study new material. Shorter periods of time are not enough, but more than 50 minutes is already too much information for the brain to perceive in a row. Therefore, at least take breaks for 5-10 minutes. And education experts advise micro-sessions: make small cards describing more complex concepts and periodically take on them when you have a short break.

Don’t give up when you face difficulties

For many people, when the first failures occur in the development of a business, thoughts appear to give up everything and leave. But the one who did not go on about his fears, as a reward, receives not only results, but also absolutely amazing feelings. After all, it is not in vain that they say that what used to frighten us, then brings us.

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