Sometimes being a hard worker can get overlooked. We have all heard the saying that you should work smart and not hard. Working hard can mean you are putting in hours but not going anywhere. While those who work smart work on the things that help to drive things forward. When you work smart and hard through the combination is deadly. There is an advantage to working hard that people rarely speak about though. The strength comes from what it does to your reputation when you develop a conscious discipline. 

We have all heard the saying that you should work smart and not hard. Working hard can mean you are putting in hours but not going anywhere. While those who work smart work on the things that help to drive things forward

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The Benefit of Doubt

The great thing about not being a slacker is that you will be given the benefit of the doubt. People assume when things are going well, its because they are lazy or they don't want it bad enough.

If most people have known you as a hard worker, they will give you the benefit of the doubt when you need help. They will not assume the worst, but they will be happy to help you. They have seen your grind and know you're a hard worker.

Almost to a fault, the western world loves a hard worker. Don't forget that a reputation is what other people think of you, but the character is who you are. We are talking about status right now. The best way to develop that rep is to have the character of a hard worker.

It's Easier to Trust The Hard Worker

If you had to entrust money to a hard worker or a lazy person, most people would choose the hard worker every time. There is a story in the bible about laborers given different talents. The ones who received 10, and 5 went and doubled theirs. Whereas the one given one talent did nothing with the ability and went and hid it to keep it safe. As a result, he had his one taken away and assigned to the laborer prepared to do something with the talent.

To the one who is trusted, much will be given, but to the one who is not everything will be taken away. When you have something if you can turn it to more, people will always trust working with you.

Opportunities Present Themselves to the Hard Worker

The same biblical story from above applies. If you work hard with what you have, you will likely soon have more. The opportunities pour in for hard workers because who wants to work with a lazy person? Bill Gates once said he would choose a lazy person for a job every time because they will find a better way. The billionaire is also the same guy that said he did not take one day off in a decade of building Microsoft.

The best thing you can do is look inside yourself and figure out what areas you are plain lazy. We all have them! It's the small stuff like picking up after yourself or other people. Whatever it is make that something that you work hard and people will take notice. They will see you handle the small things well and they will want to give you more opportunities.

The Hard Worker Is More Respected

When you are a hard worker, it is much easier to lead people. Who wants to follow someone who never works hard? No one wants to pursue a slacker because it is hard to respect someone who asks you to do something they would never do. If you have a boss that asks you to stay late, but they never stay late, it will piss you off.

If you want respect from your peers, go the extra mile consistently. Show up and give more than they ever would, and they will begin to recognize you. They will wish they had your drive and your tenacity in life.

Track Your Habits and Stay On Top of Your Conscious Discipline 

Part of being hard is being able to count on you. Are you the type of person that does what you say you're going to do? You say you are going to wake up on time, do you? Sleeping in daily requires 0 discipline. Hard work is a trait of those with discipline. Hard work is not putting in a lot of hours. Someone can work a double shift at any business and slack the entire time they are there. Hard work is not about the time put in.

Habit Stacker is a mobile habit tracker. If you are going to be successful, you have to change what you do every day. Habit Stacker helps you to build small habits that add up to significant changes. The best part is that you can add accountability partners in with your habits. Accountability will force you to step your conscious discipline up to the next level. 

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