We are asking the wrong question. The right question should have you ever had a dream and the courage to chase after it? Everyone has had a dream at some point. No one as a kid dreams of doing most of the jobs that people do today to pay their bills. What happens?

Why are people subjected to living lives that feel out of their control?  A lot of it comes back to how much courage you have in you. Courage is the ability to move forward even when fearful. It means that you see the risks, but what you want matters more.

Life finds a way to sap people dry of their courage, and then their dream disappears soon after. Here is how you can protect your vision and live your best life

Every plant presents a seed of opportunity. The question is, will you plant that seed? Will you water that seed until it becomes your advantage?

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Have You Ever Had a Dream? Without Courage You Can't Live Your Best Life

A dream without courage is an idea that will remain a dream. There is no success, no triumph, no victory, or fulfillment without having courage. Anytime you look on TV or Instagram, and you see someone living their best life. Know that they found their courage at some point.

When someone seems to be down on you and what you want to do with your life, remember this. When you are asking, have you ever had a dream? You must not forget that we all have one. Many are called, but few are chosen. Why is this? Many are called because we all have the ability, but very few carry the courage to take action.

Your dream will never leave you because you are too scared to go after it. Life will throw everything at you to get you to turn back. Bills, hardship, debt, lack of savings, lack of talent, self-doubt, and so many more things. You have to be more robust than anything life can throw at you.

How to Build Up Your Courage

You need courage. No courage, no dream! Where do you start when looking to build your courage? It begins with getting small wins.

People think that you gain courage from jumping off the deep end when you can't swim. That is stupidity. Courage shows up when you keep getting small wins.

Athletes practice building self-confidence and courage. If you had to hit an NBA game-winning shot with no practice, are you going to be confident?

Not a chance! You are doing something that is unfamiliar in a very high-pressure situation.

NBA players who began playing basketball as little kids have had years of practice. They took their first game-winner, at age 7 and they kept playing as they got old and their game evolved.

By the time they hit that game winner, they have performed well over 20,000 hours of basketball. They have hit many game winners, and they are very confident in themselves. They will have all the courage to take that game winner.

Practice for Self Confidence

You must practice whatever skills will support your dreams. If you don't practice, you will never be self-confident. If you are not self-confident, you will never be able to have courage. Like an Olympic sprinter, I have been on this journey before.

I work to find mastery as a sprinter, never, and always working my butt off to be better. The result is still confidence and courage. I soon retired, and I had to ask myself if I had ever had a dream outside of sports? I did not at the time, but I knew I needed to practice and work at mastering something.

Entrepreneurship was the new path. The reason was that I that it provided the independence that brought me joy as a sprinter. Entrepreneurship was hard, so I went to work, and I studied, read, and learned everything I could about it.

I worked on practicing soft skills like emotional intelligence. I also worked on hard skills like marketing and social media management. Years of this is what has to lead me to this point with Habit Stacker.

Finding Your Tribe

If you are going to bring any dream alive, you need to develop a tribe of dreamers. You want to do everything you can to get around people who are a bit further ahead than you are. If you are starting to go after your dream, hang around people you consider to be successful.

Jim Rohn once said, "you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with."

Here is a harsh truth. Most losers hang with losers. Most winners hang with winners. Smokers tend to flock to other smokers. Drinkers enjoy being around people who drink.

Who do you enjoy being around? If it is not dreamers and winners and people taking action, then you need to find a new group of people.

You can only go so far, hanging with sub-par people. They will not get the job done! Losers will not understand why you so serious about being successful.

It's not something they will be able to relate to. It will upset them to see you preparing to do bigger things. They will do anything in their power to hold you back.

Change Things You Do Every day

The stage is set for change. You have now locked in on your dream! You have found your courage and are practicing to build your confidence. The next thing you need to do is begin building winning habits.

If you want to have a future that contains your dreams, no one big event is going to get you there. Every event you see is the result of daily habits practiced in the dark. Let's take a closer look at this.

A player gets drafted to the NFL. The result of years playing football and building positive habits.

A lady gets a promotion to be the new CEO of a company. The event gets in the papers, and everyone sees it. No one saw the years seeking mentors, staying late in the office.

A student gets straight As and acceptance into med school. A fantastic event that is covering the fact that this student has been studying his ass off for years.

The Event is The Outcome of Work

Events are what the world sees. Successful habits are what make sure these events are possible. You have a dream, and you may have an event you want to see, and that is fine.

Lock it into your mind and know that it is the process that is going to get you there. The process is what you need to do every day to make sure that you win.

Most people can sense the trajectory in the life of others by their daily habits. When you see someone with poor habits, you can't help but want to ask if you ever had a dream? When you set your mind to succeed, you become dead set on attaining it.

Habits compound over time in a way that you cannot imagine. One workout does nothing. Workout six days a week.

Eat healthy every day. and sleep 8 hours a day and the habits compound into a sculpted body. The event is the body looking great, but the habits are what you get you there.

Every dream is, but what habits will change your life? How can you pair habits up to make them easier to remember and to ensure that you are compounding them?

Have You Ever Had a Dream? Attack The Obstacles

You are going to want to quit because life is going to smack you in the face. Life will test you and ask you how bad you want what you say you do. It does this by throwing ridiculous obstacles at you.

You will go broke, get sick, lose someone close to you, friends will walk away, or everyone will laugh at you. It's impossible to say what will happen, but it's guaranteed that something will happen.

What do you do when your back is against the wall? You fight like hell! You attack those obstacles. They want to turn you back into a person that makes people question if you have ever had a dream.

Hell no! You are never going back to that life. You will attack each obstacle. Obstacles can seem scary because our perspective makes them seem a lot worse.

The weak part of you sees a problem and starts to cry, but it only seems bad. It seems the lack of money can give you the drive to work harder and think outside of the box. It seems the illness as taking you awake from work instead of a well-needed break.

Every plant presents a seed of opportunity. The question is, will you plant that seed? Will you water that seed until it becomes your advantage?

If you sit back in awe of your problems they will win. You have to stare them down and break them down for what they are. There is no good or no bad, there is an opportunity to do something to improve your life each day. Do not let the pain of life kill your habits you worked hard to build.

How Habit Stacker Can Help You to Live Your Best Life? 

If someone ever asks you if you ever have had a dream, you can say with confidence that you are living it now. Habit Stacker is going to help you get there. Habit Stacker is going to help you in a few ways. First, it is going to let you set a mission for life. This is what you want to get done when it is all said and done. It is a big picture, and it is a goal that you will never meet. It keeps you hungry and gives you purpose.

The next step is setting goals that help stair step you to your mission. For example, if you have a goal to eradicate poverty, you need some goals to help you know if you are there. For instance, in 20 years, you want to eradicate poverty in the USA and in the next 10 after that attack Asia.

The last step is setting habits. The habits are the day to day actions that make your goals inevitable. If you wanted to eradicate poverty in the USA, for example, what habits would get you there? Once you know you put them in the Habit Stacker app and make sure you understand them done daily. This three-step process with the app will change your life.

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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