How I Use Fiverr

Finding talent has become easier in today's global workforce than ever because of sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Fiverr is like Upwork, but it's much better for finding talent to do one time jobs you need to be done quickly.

The site is named Fiverr because you used to get everything on there for five dollars. It was like the dollar store for freelance opportunities. They have since opened up the pricing because it makes them more. Doing so has also increased the quality of work done. Find people who can do:

  • Web and mobile design 
  • WordPress sites
  • Logo design 
  • Editing 
  • Content creation
  • Voice overs
  • Explainer videos 
  • And much more...
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How Do I Use Fiverr?

I first started using Fiverr when I wrote my first book, Endure. I needed some simple tasks done like the table of content and making sure the book was Kindle ready. I use Fiverr to find people to do tasks that I either can't do or that I find to be too time-consuming.

Fiverr is a huge part of building Habit Stacker because I cannot do this all myself. You can find some fantastic people to work with for some one-off jobs. The issue with Fiverr and where Upwork can be better is building a long term relationship with the people you work with.

What I Like Most About Fiverr?

I love that people on Fiverr are expected to get most jobs done in a few days. Nothing ever seems to take too long on Fiverr, and the expectations are laid out in advance. If you don't like the deal, you can find someone else or pay for an upgrade. You can always talk with freelancers, and they often will whip up a custom contract just for the work you want to be done. It's awesome!

Fiverr removes limitations. Before, you may not be able to do something or have the time to figure it out. But with Fiverr, you can find someone who is already an expert in that area, and they will make sure your project keeps moving forward.

Why You Should Use Fiverr? 

It would help if you used Fiverr to help you save time to do the most critical tasks. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking that they have to do it all. The best leaders and businesses understand that you have to bring in other people and give them the room to make their own choices and lead the charge.

Tools like Fiverr allow people with ideas and entrepreneurs to keep their dreams alive. Life is no longer about having the most talent, but instead, it's about finding the most talented people.

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