How I Use Kajabi to Monetize Habit Stacker

The first way I started making money with Habit Stacker is through the Habit Tracker for iOS. Once that was up and running, I realized that people needed more than just tracking their habits. People wanted to know how to go about building habits most effectively. I quickly realized that the best way to do this at scale for the audience's size was to create an online course. 

Soon after, Habit Mastery was born! I first built it using Thinkific, but I quickly realized that doing that was a mistake. Kajabi is more expensive, but sometimes you do get what you pay for. Kajabi comes with LITERALLY everything you would ever need to build a profitable course all in one place. Its features include:

  • Hosting and analytics for video 
  • Ability host and distribute Mps, PDF and many other audio files
  • Email marketing and segmented pipelines
  • Payments and managing your people
  • Mobile app to make customer viewing easier 
Kajabi - The All-In-One Online Business Platform

Create online courses and build your website and marketing tools for it all in one place!

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How Do I Use Kajabi?

I use Kajabi as a second to host everything associated with Habit Stacker. I run Habit Stacker and Habit Mastery as two separate entities. If you join the email list for Habit Stacker, it's very different from the Habit Mastery list. Habit mAstery is focused solely on the course and selling it. I only want people on that list who are interested in the course.

I use Kajabi to operate the entire funnel for Habit Mastery and store all the respective names. What's nice about this is that you can use Kajabi as your only website if you want to. I choose not to because I would rather have a blog built on WordPress, but that is a personal preference. Kajabi has done a great job making sure that you can do EVERYTHING through their platform. You can build useful landing pages and then use Kajabit to measure the analytics.

Kajabi also provides the best user experience, which is why I stopped using Thinkific. Kajabi makes it so easy to build your course out to look the exact way you want it. They provide you with assistance in email templates and other tips and suggestions that help you make the most of your course sales.

What I Like Most About Kajabi?

I would pay the higher price tag any day for Kajabi because it allows you to charge more for your course. You feel more confident doing so because it will look 1000 times better than any other platform. With Kajabi, you also give your customers access to a mobile app that they can use. On other platforms, they would need to login through their mobile browser to access your course.

I also like how easy Kajabi makes email marketing. I like Kajabi's email marketing platform more than Mailchimp, and that's all they do! If you have multiple products or courses, Kajabi makes it easy to break all of your customers into different segments based on their decisions. Everything you need to do with this software can happen in one place—no need to buy five various tools to market your mobile course.

Why You Should Use Kajabi

Kajabi is excellent for people who want their course to be the main focal point of the business. If you don't think blogging will be a big part of your marketing, Kajabi is the way to go! For example, some people create courses and run traffic to the course straight from ads, which is the primary channel used for marketing. If you plan to do something like this, Kajabi is for you.

If you're like me and want your course to operate a bit as its entity because you have a family of products, then Kajabi will do that well. You can have an email list of people who want your general newsletter through your site. Then people who are interested in your course can go through your Kajabi marketing system.

Kajabi - The All-In-One Online Business Platform

Create online courses and build your website and marketing tools for it all in one place!

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