How I Use NordVPN

NordVPN is just the tool you need in this world where many people are too trusting of the internet. The best product on the internet today is you, and people will do anything to get their hands on your data. They want to know everything about you and where your spending your time, and people will do evil things to get their hands on that data.

NordVPN provides you with a secure, encrypted tunnel to the internet that you can use daily to stay safe. You can install it on up to six devices so that you're protected anywhere that you go. You especially want to use Nord VPN when you're using Wi-Fi that is public or that many people have access to.

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How Do I Use NordVPN?

NordVPN operates in the background of my internet usage. What this means is that I don't think about it. Anytime I am on my phone, computer, or tablet, it automatically kicks on and makes sure that I am on one of their secure servers. One reason I love it is because I can appear to be anywhere. I can use one of their servers in Japan, and in seconds it will connect me.

Outside of staying secure, one of the biggest things I use NordVPN for is getting access to websites and content that is country-specific. For example, I am a Canadian, so I know Netflix has a much different range than in the USA. I will connect to the Canadian servers to unlock a diverse content library.

What I Like Most About NordVPN?

The thing I love the most about the library is pretty simple how it operates in the background and provides me with peace of mind. I also enjoy: 

  • Access to super-fast servers
  • Knowing none of my data is being collected
  • Less buffering time
  • 59 countries with servers
  • Over 5000 servers total 
  • IP Masking
  • Ad blockers

Why You Should Use NordVPN

You should use NordVPN if you have an internet connection that you use. It does not matter if it's at home or not; you want to make sure your connection is secure. Better to be safe than sorry! Too many people take a safe internet connection for granted and assume that they always have one.

You should also use it if you have access to content sites like Netflix and Disney + because you will enjoy different content in seconds. All it takes is a click or two, and you will be able to enjoy different sets of movies.

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