There are so many variables that occur throughout the day that are completely out of your control and can influence your overall productivity.

That’s totally normal, and you shouldn’t get hung up on the aspects of your life that you can’t regulate. However, if you can get a handle on the things that are in your control, you can stack the odds in your favor when it comes to tackling the day. This means solid morning and evening routines, along with strategies for taking on the daily workload. According to Choncé Maddox, resting between tasks is the best way to increase your output.

Taking Time for Yourself

You don’t have to work flat out throughout the working day and, if you do, there is a good chance that you’ll experience burnout anyway. Different people have diverse ideas about how best to use break periods, but playing games can be one of the best ways to get some respite from grafting.

Online games can be stress-relieving, especially if they don’t require high levels of attention. Casino offerings are good in this regard, with games like Wolf Gold and Starburst at Genesis Casino easy for anyone to get the hang of. All players have to do is press a button to spin the reels and the game tells them if they win. Other pick-up-and-play mobile games like Candy Crush and Gardenscapes are solid options for passing a short space of time between jobs at work.


Organize Your Day into Zones of Productivity

You’d have to be a robot to stay completely on task all day without slipping, and everyone has their specific times when they find it easier to concentrate. Some are more active in the morning when they feel fresh from a good night’s sleep. Others prefer to work harder in the evening when they have had time to compute all the various pieces of information they’ve had fired at them all day.

One of the best ways to organize your day to maximize your efficiency is to block out certain hours when you are usually the most productive. During these times, you should focus on the most important tasks in your schedule. It’s also wise to do this without distractions, so turning off the internet on your phone may help.

After completing a high-priority task during your most productive hour, make sure you split up the day with a rest period and have some time for yourself. Numerous self-help gurus profess tactics like this, and productivity expert Maddox talks about how reading and relaxing in your downtime can make you more effective in your periods of work.


This is because attention is limited, and you should use it to focus on one task at a time. If something saps a lot of your brain’s processing power, you need some rest afterward.

Increasing your productivity by resting throughout the day may sound counterintuitive, but it could be the best way to preserve attention. If you take some time to do the things you enjoy, you should be more effective when you get back to your desk.

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