The average person hates waking up early, and I am declaring right now that it is the school's fault. The way how school days are structured is to blame and it prevents you from living your best life. Schools were made to prepare people to work in factories. Schools set you up to hate the morning and too many people carry that with them through life. School is the first time in life that we have a time that we are expected to be somewhere.

When you wake up, its a chance to get back to the things you love. Let this excite you each morning.

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Never Start The Day On Their Agenda

Have you ever wanted to do something until someone else told you that you had to do it? This happens because you want to be able to control your own life as much as possible. When you start going to school someone else has an agenda for your life, and it trains you to be okay with that. It makes you HATE waking up because the day does not belong to you.

We wake up because mommy said so,
We wake up because a bell rules us.

It sucks to live by this day in and day out because you lose all control of the most valuable thing you will ever own and that is your time. When you focus on building habits, you can begin to gain some of this control back. 

How it Could Be Different 

What if instead of getting up just in time to walk to school on time, we started getting up a few hours before school started. This forces you to go to bed earlier because you have to wake up earlier. The other thing this does is allow you to control the way the day begins. When you have autonomy over how the day begins you can set the tone for the remainder of the day.

If you are going to have to go to school, why not do the things that make you feel happy and whole before you get to school. As a working adult, that can look like anything from meditation, reading, and journaling every morning. When you are a student though it could be playing 20 minutes of videos games, and reading your favorite novel to make sure you get the day started with fun and some purpose. When your day starts on your terms, you can live your best life. 

The whole point of it is that you are telling your day what is necessary by doing it first. When you wake up and ship off to school, the message being sent is that school is all that matters. You know that there is more to life than just going to school. Building habits will help you to develop routines and structures around the things that matter to you outside of the classroom. 

It's Possible to Love The Morning

Imagine getting up and being happy? You should celebrate waking up because it means you made it another day. Sleep is a good thing, but it's not your goal. You go to sleep because it's necessary to live life and get back to what you love. If you love sleep too much it brings you nowhere in life.

When you wake up, its a chance to get back to the things you love. Let this excite you each morning. If you have a favorite TV show, watch a bit of it each morning. If you have some studying to do knock it out. You want to do the things that make you feel like you got the day off to a good start. Doing homework will make you feel like you got a head start, where videos games will just be fun.

The important thing is that you set the agenda for your morning. Most of your day will be controlled by other people but you have the power to control the morning.

How School Can Be a Part of a Great Morning

Habit Stacker helps you to build positive habits and be held accountable by the people in your network. Humans are most motivated when it is known that other people will see our actions. The app magnifies what you don't get done and rewards you for what you do.

Habit Stacker comes with a few built-in habits. Journaling, so you can get your thoughts out of your head. Goal setting, so you are reminded why you need excellent habits. Daily check-in questions so you can think clearly about your day. These are three habits that are simple but they are game-changing habits.

The best way to start with any new habit is to start small. If you want to wake earlier, you need to start by only getting up 15 minutes early to start. When you bite off more than you can chew, you risk the chance of reverting back to your old ways.

Supplemental Reads

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