In 2021, we saw a lot of new trending trends and now is the time to recap it and think about what the market will need next year. We’ve put together a list of the most important digital marketing components for 2022 for you.

1. Virtual reality

It becomes more difficult to interest and captivate people for real, so digital marketing is turning to more and more complex and unusual formats. Advances in technology are making it possible to offer audiences an engaging virtual and augmented reality experience. No wonder at a recent presentation, Mark Zuckerberg decided that the future lies in virtual reality. That is why you will soon no longer even need to buy TikTok followers, because no popular social network will be more important than VR.

With access to VR and AR technologies, brands provide tours of facilities, introduce users to manufacturing, and create interactive 3D models for customers to thoroughly explore the products. AR / VR technologies are becoming more affordable, and in 2022 more companies will be able to turn to the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality.

2. Focus on smartphones

With the decline in the use of desktop computers and the high popularity of smartphones, more and more websites are being created with designs for mobile devices. Now, the key challenge is to provide the best experience for mobile users, as well as enable user-friendly features such as touch-optimized navigation, optimized navigation menus, less textual content, and voice capabilities. The site should still work properly on computers, on large screens, but smartphones are coming to the fore.

It is also worth mentioning artificial reality and chatbots, which already guarantee feedback from the company at any time. In the future, they will become even smarter and therefore more useful and popular. Today, you can even buy followers on TikTok a bot on the website.

3. Visual search

Users are gradually getting used to the fact that now they can simply upload images and receive information about the subject of interest using a picture or photo, and not enter a text query into Google. When a user searches for a product in this way, search engines suggest the desired data, places of purchase, and similar products. Google Lens, Pinterest Lens and similar visual search tools turn the user’s camera into a search bar and make shopping more efficient. Visual search technologies are developing, its popularity is growing, so in 2022 it is worth adjusting to this format as well.

4. Voice search

Conversations with Alice or Siri are becoming a part of everyday life, and search through digital assistants is gaining momentum. The popularity of voice search has already led to one of the most significant shifts in keyword usage and has given businesses a new way of talking to customers. When a user uses a digital assistant, they formulate their request differently than they would in a text format, and this is still a good idea to keep this in mind when creating content. It’s important to choose keywords based on the questions people might ask Siri or Alice, as the trend for voice assistants is not going to slow down.

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