Jeffree Star Net Worth = $100 million

Jeffree Star is an internet personality who focuses on makeup tutorials. He was also dabbling in music, acting, and is growing mogul in the cosmetic space. He was brought in California, and as he grew up, his father committed suicide when he was six and was brought up by his mother. It was there that he started playing with his mother's makeup and developed a love and passion for it.

When MySpace was coming on, the seen he used the platform to launch into stardom and became the most followed person on MySpace. From there, he started his music career and YouTube Channel that further pushed star into the limelight. From there, he used his growing fame to create his line of cosmetics that has grown exponentially.

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Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.



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Quotes - Jeffree Star Net Worth and Key Habits 

Haters are just confused admirers because they can't figure out the reason why everyone loves you. - Jeffree Star

You wanna know who your true friends are? Screw up and see who's still there. - Jeffree Star

If I can't be beautiful, I'd rather just die. - Jeffree Star

Sorry if we can't all be unoriginal but I have a mold to break. - Jeffree Star

Be yourself, you'll be a lot happier. - Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1: Have Your Own Opinions

Our opinions are what make us different. We are all our people, and there is not a better representation of that then Jeffree. He lives life the way he wants to. He has a vision of what life should look like, and that is how he will live it. He believes people should take the time to recognize who they are as individuals to add more variety to the world we live in.

Habit #2: Change With The Times

Being Yourself and allowing yourself to flow as things do if difficult. You don't want to be a chameleon that changes to match your environment. You want to allow yourself to move with the flow while remaining an individual in the case of Star, which includes changing how you approach social media.

Habit #3: Be Moral

One thing Jeffree Star does that is not common in the beauty industry is being completely transparent. As someone who has been part of the industry for a long time, he has seen his fair share of companies use their power to increase profits and sell a pipe dream.

Star has not lied about the make up he owns, and he has made it clear that his products are made in the USA, using the highest quality products. He also leaves his markups to where he can make a profit but not where he is robbing customers.








Most Followed on MySpace

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Launches Cosmetic Line

Has 1 million dollars is product stolen

Breaks Shopify when Shane Dawson Collab Released Collection

Summary of The Jeffree Star Net Worth and Key Habits


Have Your Own Opinions


Change With The Times


Be Moral

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