Jerry Jones = $8.9 Billion

The Dallas Cowboys are possibly the most popular team in the NFL. They certainly are the most valuable at 5 Billion dollars. This because of the market positioning, marketing, social media, talent, and last but not least, the most famous owner in sports Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones is a fantastic owner who is known for his fire, tenacity, and unwavering love for his team. He is known for going toe to toe against the league in several different issues.

 Jerry Jones has had several failures in his life on his way to becoming the owner of the Dallas Cowboys until he found success in a gas and oil exploration company that helped position him to be able to buy the team in 1989 for 140 million dollars. 

Jerry Jones took a failing Cowboys team reportedly losing 1 million dollars per month into the most valuable NFL team and one of the most valuable professional sports teams period.

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Jerry Jones 

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Quotes - Jerry Jones Net Worth and Key Habits

"I intend to have a complete understanding of contracts, jocks, socks, and TV contracts. There's no way I can look in the mirror if I don't understand anything about this business." -Jerry Jones

"It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if we didn't have a salary cap." -Jerry Jones

"its about the game" -Jerry Jones

"Zeke who?" -Jerry Jones

"Any pick you make, or any player you sign, something can go wrong."-Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Unwavering Optimism

Unwavering Optimism. Jerry Jones is forever looking at the positive aspects of any situation. He loves what he does, and he shows it every single day. This may not seem like a typical habit, but it is one that can be reaped after continually looking at negative situations with a positive spin. It becomes routine. 

When contract negotiations are in question, he is already positive in public about making the deal come to fruition. When one of his players misbehaves off the field, he takes it upon himself to make it right. All of this moves into his business dealings.

Habit #2: Sweep The Sheds

Sweep the sheds. He preaches not being too high on yourself not to do the grunt work. He made his son apply and interview with Wendy's to teach him a lesson in being humble.

 He is not so proud that he won't get down and do the small things at the stadium itself. He preaches being able to do everything in the organization, including cleaning the washroom. He drives an everyday vehicle and does not look to outshine or flash anyone. 

Habit #3: Family First

All of Jerry Jones's children are involved with the Cowboys organization. They are all more than competent at the positions they are in because of the way they were raised, but Jerry has made the Cowboys a family business.

He even takes it upon himself to make his players a part of his family and will go out on a limb to make sure they are taken care of both financially as well as personally. He places his family memories before all of his football-related memories and recognizes the importance of family in all situations.

Summary of the Jerry Jones Net Worth and Key Habits


Unwavering Optimism


Sweep The Sheds


Family First

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