John Paul Dejoria Net Worth = $3.1 Billion

John Paul Dejoria is a self-made billionaire. He is the co-founder of both Paul Mitchell hair products and Patron Spirits. With the money he has accumulated as an entrepreneur, he has taken much of it and used it to improve the world through his philanthropic endeavors such as Food4Africa, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, and Grow Appalachia.

Before all of his successes, however, he faced his fair share of hardships. He served two years in the Navy on the USS Hornet, after which he became a janitor, then the door to door salesman, and then found himself fired from his job at Redken Laboratories, a hair care company.

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John Paul Dejoria

Tequilia and Hair products

Co-founder of Paul Mitchell and Patron



Quotes - John Paul Net Worth and Key Habits 

When you start with next to nothing, all youve got is a lot of thought, a lot of innovation, figuring new ways to do things without using a lot of money. -John Paul Dejoria

I'll never retire, I like what I'm doing. -John Paul Dejoria

I could go insane if I obsessed over every little detail of all of my companies. My management philosophy is to pay attention to the vital few and ignore the trival many.-John Paul Dejoria

Success unshared is failure. -John Paul Dejoria

I make the majority of my money from Patron, but my passion is with Paul Mitchell: I spend 85% of my time on it. -John Paul Dejoria

John Paul Dejoria Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Put The Tech Down

We live in a society that thrives off the use of our phones, laptops, computers, tablets, and other forms of technology you can think of. It is weird to bring this up in a blog post that you are probably reading in front of some sort of screen. However, John Paul makes it a habit that he limits all of his use of tech.

He will call and text a little bit but believes deeply that too much technology is the scourge of our current society. He thinks the thing we need more of in-person and one on one interactions. Bring back our humanity.

Habit #2 - Give

One of John Paul Dejoria's best short and to the point, "Success unshared is a failure" If you have the means to give up some of your success, then you should do so. Giving to help those that need it is only going to help move our humanity needle forward. Help create better people. People who can then help someone else and pay it forward.

Giving is incredibly fulfilling on a selfish level. It feels good to help those in need. Those of the same species or other species the like. If you can give, then do so. You will find in more ways than one that it will make it's way back to you.

Habit #3 - Positive Always

John Paul Dejoria faced his fair share of hardship on his way to success. Facing homelessness, being in the military, working menial jobs, being fired, and the list goes on. All of which he met with a glass-half-full mentality. This helped drive innovation, motivation, and form real-world strategies from all of the failures he or you may come across.

Facing all things with positivity with the help you find the things that are great about even horrible situations. Be positive, and you will see great things come your way.








Joins Navy

Starts John Paul Mitchell Systems 

Founds Patron Spirits

Grow Appalachia

Summary - John Paul Dejoria Net Worth and Key Habits


Put The Tech Down




Always Be Positive 

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