Korey Wise Net Worth = $12 Million

Korey Wise is known for being one of the Central Park Five. The Korey Wise net worth currently sits at $12 Million from his settlement with the city of New York. In 1989 he was connected to a rape case.

He was 16 years old at the time and the oldest of the group. He served all of his time in adult prison, but he maintained his innocence the entire time. He was in jail for 14 years before being exonerated in 2002. He was not even a suspect in the crime, he went to support his friends and was later dragged into the case for no reason.

He has since become an activist advocating for criminal justice reform and sharing his own story. He has become a symbol of hope for many in prison, suffering for no reason. He has donated money to the Innocence Project, which has been renamed as the Korey Wise Innocence Project.

Full Name

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Korey Wise

Legal Settlment with city the  of New York

Central Park 5



Quotes - Korey Wise Net Worth and Key Habits 

They said if I was there and if I went along with it, that I could go home. And that's all I wanted. That's all I wanted was to go back. That's all I still wish to.

— Korey Wise 

If they don't wanna hear my truth, I don't wanna waste my energy.

— Korey Wise

Sometimes all you can do is try your best.

— Korey Wise

Korey Wise Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Care for Others

The reason he was able to be arrested in the first place was that he went to support his friends who were arrested. He went down to the police station to help in any way he could, and he was dragged into the entire case with his friends. A lot of people would not even go down to the station for their friends.

Developing the habit of caring for others is one of the most worthwhile investments you can ever make. You can acquire all the money in the world, but without anyone to care for, no one will remember you or care about what you have done. Korey Wise is loved because he cares about other people, and he has compassion.

Habit #2 - Endure

Korey Wise had every reason just to give in and give up. He was trapped by a system that is literally meant to protect him. He was a child, but the world convinced him that he was a grown man.

He did not see as an innocent young boy trying to tell the truth, but he was labeled as a monster. He spent 14 long and hard years in prison because of a corrupt system. He endured it all and still is positive and tiring to help others have hope from his life.

Life is going to make you endure something, and you must be ready for it. No matter how things are going, life is going to hit you somewhere. It may be your finances, it may be your job, or your health and family. You never know where it's coming, so you just have to be prepared to go through some hard things.

Habit #3 - Stand for Something 

The Korey Wise Net Worth continues to grow because he is now an activist. He travels the country trying to help people and bring hope to others who are struggling.

He helps the next generation see that they can avoid the life he had to live. It means something to stand for something because most people in our society just go with everything. They are scared to take a stand because people will hate them.

It does not matter what it is, you believe, but be willing to stand for it. Even if it means that people hate it. Also if it means you lose all your friends you have to keep standing for what you know is right








Central Park 5 Sent to Prison

Released From Prison

Donates Money to Innocence Project

Buys Condo Overlooking Central Park

Summary - Korey Wise Net Worth and Key Habits 


Care for Others




Stand for Something

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