Logan Paul Net Worth = $30 Million

Logan Paul is one of the most famous YouTube Stars on the platform both for good reasons but also for some of the most infamous reasons. When he came on the scene his stature, energy, and charisma gained him serious followers. With his daily vlogs, crazy antics, and beefs with his very own brother Jake Paul.

However, in 2018 during a trip to Japan, Logan and his team made a couple of very poor choices when they visited the Aokigahara Forest and filmed a man who had commited suicide and shared it to the internet. Not the best choice.

The internet and world crucified him and he is still working on making up for this mistake. He went on to become a professional boxer losing to a fellow YouTuber KSI by a controversial split decision.

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Logan Alexander Paul

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Quotes - Logan Paul Net Worth and Key Habits

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? - Logan Paul

Mavericks see life through the lens of possibility, we dent the universe. -Logan Paul

Life's not short... You just gotta do more. -Logan Paul

Be a maverick.- Logan Paul

Break the rules. Dent the universe. Do it different. Its time to shatter the norm and show the world you're a maverick. -Logan Paul

Logan Paul Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Be A Maverick

What is a maverick? A maverick is an independently minded person. Someone who thinks outside of the box or societal norms. If you want to carve your own path in life sometimes you are going to have to think outside of the box. 

Own your path and be who you are at all times. If you are different than be different there is nothing wrong with being unique. Show the world your art and be who you are. 

Habit #2: Own Your Mistakes

Logan Paul has made his fair share of mistakes. He is human after all. He made one of the biggest back i 2017-2018 when he posted a video of a man who had ended his own life and acted in a way that way disrespectful. Afterwards he owned his mistakes and apologized. He took time away, donated, made it a mission to being awareness to suicide and has tried to be a better person overall. You need to own your mistakes. Own them so they no longer hand power over you!

Habit #3: Create What You Want 

Creating the things you want to is important. This lends itself to your ability to be a maverick.  You should create things that you really want to create. Take the time every day to make something. It does not have to be something specific.

The medium in which you use to create does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you actually make something. Do not do it for someone else. You want to connect with people that vibe with your creations.








Creates YouTube Channel

10,000,000 subscribers 

Japan Controversy

First KSI Fight

First Professional Boxing Match

Summary - Logan Paul Net Worth and Key Habits


Be A Maverick


Own Your Mistakes


Create What You Want

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