Hey Habit Stackers! It’s time you met Vladimer Botsvadze, a marketing influencer and keynote speaker, who presents with passion, energy, and contagious excitement for the future of marketing. According to Vladimer, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived and in our ever-changing world, all brands need to change and adapt.

Check Out These 15 Quotes:

”Building a personal brand is of paramount importance to anyone who wants to be in growth mode in the long term.”
”I help global brands generate more revenues and I lead them to a path of success and growth.”
”Context is the alpha and omega of content that drives success.”
”The right channels always pay off and it’s up to marketing managers to change horses in midstream.”
”In a nutshell, storytelling across social media channels truly guarantees long-term success and sustainability.”

”I believe brands need to be close to their consumers and care about their social media tribe.”

”Nowadays, brands face a catch-22 situation and tell their stories in their wrong channels where people no longer spend their time.”

”Motivation has always been the bedrock of my growth because I wake up with determination and possess lots of get-up-and-go.”

”Taking action is what makes all the difference as I go into full swing, strike while the iron is hot, and make hay while the sun shines.”

”Social media is a window of opportunity to connect with the world and go places.”

”Creating content is what takes my success to the next level and I always look to my laurels.”

”Brands are not using social media to their fullest advantage.”

”If you are patient, you will be rewarded.”

”Never stop learning, keep on exploring different areas of marketing, tweet actively, practise because it’s true that practice makes perfect, and always look for ways to stand out.”

”Without the shadow of a doubt, brands are transactional and management teams care about a short-term ROI.”

Check Out Vladimer’s Natfluence Interview

In Closing

We hope you’ve enjoyed Vladimer’s personal quotes as much as we have.  Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more quotes from Vladimer soon.

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