Mila Kunis Net Worth = $65 Million

The Ukranian-American actress is known for her roles in That 70's Show and for voicing Meg on Family Guy. She is also married to her That 70's Show co-star Ashton Kutcher.

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Quotes - Mila Kunis Net Worth and Key Habits

1. “I grew up incredibly poor and went to school and had a very average upbringing.” – Mila Kunis 

2. “My glass of wine and I are besties.” – Mila Kunis

3. “What I do and who I am are two different things. And they always will be,” – Mila Kunis

4. “I grew up in Ukraine ’til I was about 7, and then I moved to L.A.” – Mila Kunis

5. “I don’t live lavishly, so it’s not like I have 20 assistants and travel privately and shop every day.” – Mila Kunis

6. “That is the biggest form of bullying ever, the paparazzi. Printing lies, making accusations, it’s just bullying.” – Mila Kunis

7. “Always have a backup plan.” – Mila Kunis

8. “I don’t think it’s true that blondes have more fun… Trust me, it is not true!” – Mila Kunis

9. “I really, truly believe in learning from other people’s mistakes.” – Mila Kunis 

Mila Kunis Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Find Your Staple 

Mila Kunis built her entire career on the success of a few things. The first was That 70's Show, the second was Family Guy, and the third was the movie TED. 

These three jobs are what she is best known for. Family Guy has been her staple for over 20 years and has made her voice beloved across all of America. She started the role when she was only 15. 

You don't need a million things to be successful to get your break. You need a few things to do well and that will open the door for many more opportunities. 

Have the focus and the endurance needed to hand in there for your big success. 

Habit #2 - Put in the Work Early 

Mila Kunis started acting when she was 7 years old and she moved to the USA not knowing the culture or any English. By Age 9, she was enrolled in acting classes in LA.

That is impressive considering how little English she knew only two prior. In first audition, she was able to land a Barbie commercial and she never really looked back from there.

She went from smaller roles in commercials, to TV shows, and then finally to movies. Her career has been built on a combination of her natural talents, beauty, focus, and dedication to her craft. 

You want to get started in the game as early as you can. Its never too late to start but the earlier you do, the better. There are some skills in life that just require time and reps. The only way to get enough time and reps is to put in years of work. There is no getting around that. 

Habit #3 - Stay Private 

Mila Kunis had a relationship with Home Alone star McCauley Caulkin for many years. Not many people knew anything about the relationship because she was so private.

She has done an amazing job keeping her relationships under wraps. She says she will go to her grave doing everything she can to stay private. She considers media and tabloids to be bullies who who will do or say anything to make money. 

In our world that is in love with social media, privacy is valued now more than ever. You can't let every opinion and idea find its way into your head. You need to have elements of your life that are reserved for those who are closest to you. 

Summary - Mila Kunis Net Worth and Key Habits


Find Your Staple


Put in the Work Early 


Stay Private 

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