We as human beings have our vices. Things that we do every single day that don't necessarily add to your path of success. In fact, these nasty habits probably steer you in the wrong direction entirely. They could be as harmless as unhealthy foods but also as harmful as smoking packs of cigarettes every single day. Now, I understand that it is important to have some balance in your life. It is good to have activities in our lives that may be mindless in some way but there is a big distinction between nasty habits that take you way off the path to success and those that keep you neutral. One of the easiest ways to fight negative habits is with a successful morning routine

Let's take a look at 5 nasty habits that you may not even realize you are doing:

Habits form and habits break as we mature. However, the habits we create are the ones which will form the path in which we follow. 

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Nasty Habits #1 - Self Pleasure

Hear me out before you click away from this article too quickly. I understand the carnal urges of us human beings. I get it, trust me. Believe it or not, the person writing this article is a human as well.  I am not infallible and have fallen victim to some of these nasty habits myself.

Now back to why I believe sexual self pleasure to be one of the worst habits. I will preface this with this, I know it is said to be healthy and normal for males and females alike to self pleasure for a number of reasons It is, however, when you add in an excessive and compulsive nature to it that is when you get into nasty habits behavior.

The reason why sexual self pleasure is one of the nasty habits is simple. It disconnects you from who you are with a significant other. It takes your mind away from the present and it also can become a rather serious addiction. I myself had a bit of a problem with this and it took me away from my goals in life.

Sexual energy is arguably some of the strongest energy on the planet.  It taps deep into our passion, and love. Wasting that energy on what the Brits call wanking is nothing but a disservice to your future. Here are some effective ways to kill the urge and use that energy to move you up that success ladder!


Take the edge off, take yourself for a walk, get your energy level back to normal! Expending that energy is a great way to get yourself away from the urge to sexually self pleasure. If you feel yourself having the need or want to have a wank then go do something physical. Go for a walk, a run, go lift heavy things. You should have this as a part of your daily routine anyway!

Get Creative

Make something, get out of your head and into your hands. Getting out of any of these nasty habits can be as simple and changing your focus. Find something that allows you to use the creative side of your brain. Make something with your hands. A model, a painting, or a poem. It doesn't matter what it is as long as you are using that energy to make something. It is all about using the energy you have stored up for something productive not destructive! Build successful morning routine to get your day started on the right path. 


Nasty Habits #2 - Procrastination

You ever find yourself leaving important tasks till the last minute? I have, I think everyone has. It is important to realize that the tasks ahead of yourself are only their as waypoints towards your ultimate goal of success. I get it you're too tired to do it. We all make up stories as to why we aren't doing something right that minute if we have time to do it.  Stories are simple as, " I can do it tomorrow, I'm tired" or "Its easy Ill get it done later".

Then we forget about it for a little while and realize it has gone completely undone and now you're in scramble mode to get it done. When you do that the effort is lackluster, the product gets rushed and you can tell almost all the time. Procrastination to me is simply putting off an unpleasant task for immediate gratification or relief, only to have to pay the piper later.

Effective ways of ending procrastination

Do It Now Mentality

If you are not doing anything and a task comes across your desk get it done there and then. There is no good use of saying you ill do it tomorrow when you have time to do it now. Get it done as soon as possible because small tasks tend to pile up at the end of the week or month. Have a Do It Now mindset.

Give Me 5

For longer projects of tasks use this tool. Give me 5 is simple. Take 5 minutes out of your day to start the project. Just give yourself 5 minutes every single day and get started on it. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it is time to give it the 5 minutes you promised. Do this daily and watch your momentum carry you forward.  You have to ride the momentum forward and realize that it is about breaking down these big tasks into manageable bits that are going to help you get them done over time.

Taking the time and journaling your progress helps. Using Habit Stacker is a fantastic free tool to keep you from procrastinating as well as holding you accountable for your goals! Habit Stacker is the easiest way to get guidance and track your new successful morning routine. 


Nasty Habits #3 - Netflix Binging

I love Netflix as much as the next person. It is amazing content that keeps your attention for hours and hours. I mean how do you not watch all 10 episodes of Stranger Things in one sitting. However, it is a slippery slope that can drain your production to basically zero. It doesn't have to be Netflix either. I mean all of the Game Of Thrones seasons are now available on all major cable providers on demands lists.

The biggest problem with current tv programming is the fact that it is almost all mindless entertainment. It is not educational in any way. It zaps your mental capacity or hard drive space.  If you find yourself constantly pressing the continue watching button after Netflix asks you if you're still there you need to find a way to mitigate these nasty habits.

Listen To Netflix

Even Netflix is wondering why you're still watching them. They want to know if you're still there. You see that warning or pop up on your screen you need to really pay attention to that and get back onto something that needs to be done today.  This goes hand in hand with procrastination. Using TV as a reason not to get work done is a poor excuse. Take the warning and get back to work.

Watch Educational Programming

This is not a solution to the problem by any stretch of the imagination. You have choices to make in your life and I understand that TV is not going anywhere for a lot of people. However, one of the choices you can make is the type of content you are consuming. You don't have to allow all of your free time to be consumed with mindless television. You can fill it with thought-provoking and meaningful content.

Stopping Nasty Habits

Habits form and habits break as we mature. However, the habits we create are the ones which will form the path in which we follow. If you are creating a path filled with distractions, and energy zapping habits you are going to only increase the length of your journey and even possibly miss your mark entirely. Be mindful of the things you are doing every single day. Find a solution to the nasty habits and embrace the productive ones! Using Habit Stacker Is a fantastic way to get yourself back on track. With the use of our habit tracker and our ability to keep you moving in the right direction, everything is in the palm of your hand!

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