I get where the whole nice guys finish last ideas come from. Some girls like their bad boys and a guy that they can fix. Sounds suitable for movies but I see nice cats finding love all the time. What will get you killed in life is being inconsistent. When you are inconsistent people, learn not to rely on you.

Think about it for a second, how in the world do you count on someone when they are different moment by moment. Someone asked my wife the other day the thing she loves about me, and she said: “he is consistent.” I love that! You know what you are going to get from me. If you’re someone important to me it doesn't matter. You will get the same thing every time. A successful morning routine will help to bring consistency to your life. 

We like to know what to expect from people around us. That is why parents with alcohol issues wreak havoc on their kids. They never know who is coming home and it's crushing.

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Why Does Consistency Matter so Much ?

Even if you are a horrible person, you will still get more love than a person who switches back and forth. We like to know what to expect from people around us. That is why parents with alcohol issues wreak havoc on their kids. They never know who is coming home and it's crushing.

No one craves inconsistency!  Consistency matters so much because our daily actions define us. Whether you like it or not, you put other people in boxes, and they do the same thing to you. When someone is hard to put their finger on what people are saying is they can’t put you in a box. I would hear this a lot when I first moved to the United States. People had a hard time boxing me.

I am Canadian, but I was also black, which would throw a curve ball at a lot of people. They could not figure out how to box that so they had to get to know me. If I ask you: Who is someone you can count on? Who is someone that you never would bring to a quiet event? Who is the best person to eat with? You can come up with answers to all these questions. You can answer them because you box people based on what they do consistently.

  • Consistency is something people crave
  • Consistency is dependable

What You Do Is Who You Are - Don't Be Inconsistent. ?

I fell in love with implementing habits in my life because I realized this. What I do is who I am! There is nothing else to it. When I was in high school, I would call myself a nice guy but then go and lie to girls. My self-perception and my truth were not in line. If I wanted to be a nice guy, I had to make sure my actions were excellent.

What do you consistently do? Does it line up with how you see yourself? What box do people in your life put you in? What are you known for? My goal isn't to make you feel wrong about your shortcomings. I have plenty of them, but I also know that I have the power to change them by changing my habits.

When I developed the habit of reading every day, I became a reader. When you decide to work out every day and follow-through, you become fit, regardless of if the scale says it or not. The success comes the second you make a choice mentally first and then back it up with action. A successful morning routine will help create the room you need daily to get your habits complete. 

  • Be consistent for others

Inner Change Before Outside Results ?

The reason that change is hard is because it starts from within. No one wants to hear that sappy stuffy; you want to see tangible results right? It's not enough for most people to work out every day and feel better inside and see the scale, not change. The truth is that all changes start inside first, though. When you work out, the first changes come when you feel good about yourself for showing up. You feel the benefits of increased energy levels. Then you go to the scale and look in the mirror, and nothing is changing. It stays this for a while.

You’re working your butt off day in and out to lose weight and your feeling better. The inside feels good, but the mirror and scale are still representing who you used to be. Most people break right here. They decide that it’s a waste of time, and they go back to the old ways of inconsistency.  Consistency people make lifestyle changes they can stick with. Next thing you know, the results start to show up. It often hits FAST too.

You wonder where the results had been hiding the whole time. The scale starts looking better, and the person in the mirror is looking much better. The change begins inside well before you see anything outside.

  • Starts from within
  • External change will manifest after your inner change

Inconsistent People Always Finish Last ?

Inconsistent people quit before they get to the gold every time. You know these people are always doing something different. I speak from experience here, as I spent 17 years of my life running track. I had a singular focus, and I pushed myself to make it happen and became an Olympian as a result. That was from 17 years of grinding for results that were not seen on the outside. Then I got lost and started doing anything. If I thought it could make money, I would hop on it. I would stop paying attention to my calling. I stopped listening to what I knew I am meant to do with my time here on earth. The results were dismal at best. I was finishing last!

  • Inconsistent people quit
  • Consistency builds success

Why Inconsistent People Finish Last ?

Results take time to show their face. Results are like feeding a scared hamster. It will stay hidden when food gets placed out there. Then it will slowly come out in time and check to make sure that the coast is clear.

Success does the same thing! Inconsistent people are not patient during this process. They put the food out, and the hamster does not come out right away. They figure it's not hungry or that their efforts are not working and they quit.

When you keep quitting, you miss out on the cumulative knowledge. The best rewards go to those who stick it out over the long run. A successful morning routine will only work if you're in it for the long haul. 

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