Quavo Net Worth = $16 Million

Quavo is a renowned rapper from the trio hip-hop group known as Migos.  He formed Migos together with rappers Takeoff and Offset in 2009. The group has been making music for about a decade but it became popular in 2017.

Quavo was born Quavious Keyate Marshall on 2 April 1991 in Athens, Georgia, USA.

Quavo played high school football but he ventured into music in 2008.  Take off (his nephew) and Offset (his cousin), formed a rap group called Polo Club and invited him. The group later changed its name to Migos.

He was the man behind the group’s four singles that made it to the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Individually, Quavo proved his music prowess when he released a single, ‘Champions’, which was a hit song. He also released a solo album, Quavo Huncho, in 2018 that earned him fans locally and internationally. 

His rap group, Migos, has also released several albums and hit songs since 2013 when their single ‘Versace’ brought them to the limelight. Quavo's accolades include the American Music Award (2017) and Teen Choice Award (2017).

His trio rap group has a net worth of about $50 million, thus Quavo has a net worth of $16 million as of 2021.

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Quotes - Quavo Net Worth and Key Habits

“Our first album didn't work because we tried to be something we're not.”


“You have to take over your town in order to take over your city.”


“I feel like we can learn from each other by us, being the young generation, giving knowledge to the older guys.”


“All these police treating our people wrong, man. Black lives matter, but we got fans of all different colors, so all lives matter.”


“I knew I was going to be somebody.”


I ain't going to sit here like, 'My neighborhood was hard, and I had to get out there and grind.' We made it hard for ourselves. We chose to stay on the streets.


When you do it yourself, you feel better.

Quavo Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Be Yourself In Everything You Do

According to Quavo, people fail in life because they try being something they are not. He is on record for saying that, “our first album didn't work because we tried to be something we're not.”

Their rap group came into the limelight after they started being original and showing the audience who they were.

You cannot excel in life by copying what others do. We are all blessed with different talents and skills. It's good to be yourself in whatever you do.  It's easy to combine talents and acquire skills if you do things your way.

Habit #2: Start Small and Grow

Most of the people want to make huge amounts of money overnight and become celebrities. According to Quavo, that is not possible unless if you win the lottery.

Quavo has learned to do things in small steps for the last 10 years he has been in the music industry. He started Migos with his friends as a small rap group and now they are mega-stars after sticking with it for 10 years. 

Always start small. Then grow until your reality matches your dream. The journey to success is a long one and you need to be patient to reach the end. Never get discouraged if you don't see much success early on. 

Habit #3: Work Very Hard

You cannot excel in life if you are lazy because nothing comes free. Quavo and his rap group have been releasing songs consistently since 2009.

The group performs in many shows and touring events to remain relevant. For instance, in 2017-2018, The Migos performed in 93 shows within 12 months.

You need to work very hard to earn more and accumulate wealth. It's extremely difficult for lazy people to make money and accumulate wealth. Always work hard in whatever you do, whether small or big and you will eventually excel.

Summary - Quavo Net Worth and Key Habits


Be Yourself In Everything You Do


Start Small and Grow


Work Very Hard

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