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Your quote guide is here to walk you through the ever-expansive world of quotes. There is a quote for every situation that you can imagine. It doesn't matter if you're feeling depressed or feeling good if you want to smile or shout. Never let the power of a good quote slip your mind.

The Quotes Guide will help you to find the perfect quotes that you need in moments. Sometimes it can be hard to know what you need until you see it.

“You will die but the words you speak or spoke, will live forever.” — Auliq Ice

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Quote Guide: Random Quotes  

These are an assortment of random quotes that contain a bit of everything. They are from many different people and from all around the world. These quotes cover such a broad set of categories that they are hard to categorize.

- 40 Therapy Quotes to Improve Wellness
- 39 Inspirational Sun Quotes That Will Brighten Your Day
- 40 Self Confidence Quotes That Will Help You Affirm Yourself
- 36 Sentimental Goodbye Quotes
- 27 Meaningful Tattoo Quotes to Make You Think

- 40 Funny Confucius Quotes That WIll Cheer You Up
- 41 Confused Love Quotes That You'll Surely Enjoy
- 33 Best Letterkenny Quotes
- 29 Inspirational Bible Verses About New Beginnings
- 26 Death Anniversary Quotes

- 25 Funny Facebook Quotes
- 50 Best Romantic Thinking of You Quotes
- 48 Inspirational Athlete Quotes
- 34 Inspirational Divorce Quotes
- 36 Best The Office Quotes

- 40 Meaningful Deep Quotes
- 28 Motivational Quotes About Trying Your Best
- 30 Best Alzheimer's Quotes
- 34 Best Joker Quotes from Movies
- 31 Inspiration Friends Support Quotes

- 50 Best Buddha Quotes
- 32 Motivational Eleanor Roosevelt Quote
- 39 Amazing Peace Quotes
- 46 Majestic Peace Quotes
- 40 Aromatic Coffee Quotes

- 42 Best Teacher Quotes
- 38 Breathtaking Adventure Quotes
- 43 Best Karma Quotes and Sayings
- 42 Motivational Dance Quotes
- 28 Uplifting Suicide Quotes

- 29 Cool Badass Quotes
- 41 Art Quotes for Inspiration
- 40 Romantic Love Quotes
- 36 Awesome Winnie the Pooh Quotes
- 36 Awesome Volleyball Quotes

- 40 Therapy Quotes That Will Make You Think About Your Wellness

Quote Guide: Athlete Quotes 

Learn from the greatest athletes and sports minds that have ever lived. Athletes are often quoted because they give so many interviews after matches and games. Many of these will help you to unlock the greatness deep within you.

- 29 Best Booger McFarland Quotes
- 40 Remarkable Michael Jordan Quotes
- 40 Best Inspirational Tom Brady Quotes
- 22 Remarkable Shaquille O'Neal Quotes

- 24 Motivational Kobe Bryant Quotes
- 37 Best Usain Bolt Quotes
- 50 Awesome Tony Dungy Quotes to Inspire You
- 38 Fearless Ray Lewis Quotes

Quote Guide: Actor/Comedian Quotes

Learn what some of the dopest actors and the funniest comedians have had to say. These megastars may be funny or play specific roles you would not expect, but that does not mean that you don't have any timeless wisdom.
- 26 Best Mr. Miyagi Quotes
- 28 Best Ron Swanson Quotes
- 40 Inspirational Bruce Lee Quotes
- 43 Interesting Dwayne Johnson Quotes
- 25 Inspirational & Funny Kevin Hart Quotes

-30 Encouraging Emma Watson Quotes
- 28 Awesome Jennifer Lopez Quotes
- 34 Motivational Lilly Singh Quotes
- 30 Beautiful Tyra Banks Quotes for Empowerment

Quote Guide: Entrepreneur + Authors

Quote Guide: Musician

Musicians sometimes drop songs that are so good the lyrics turn into famous quotes. They are often interviewed, and some drop wisdom so good that you have to pay attention. 

- 44 Inspirational Tupac Quotes
- 36 Best Drake Quotes
- 27 Cardi B Quotes
- 21 Best Jay-Z Quotes
- 24 Interesting Lady Gaga Quotes
- 20 Best Life Changing Adele Quotes
- 24 Best Nipsey Quotes

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