There is no real recipe for success. There are certain things you need to have in order to put in the position for success but there is no single book, no single podcast, no single intangible that is going to set you up for success. Depending on who you are boosting your self confidence, may be the key, but learning to communicate may be the key for another person. It is a nonstop road that you must navigate. However, the following traits or intangibles are going to give you the tools to help your own road to success.

There is no real recipe for success. There are certain things you need to have in order to put in the position for success. It is a nonstop road that you must navigate. 

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Recipe for Success

Be Coachable

A coachable athlete is moldable, they will listen to instruction and utilize the tools they are given to increase their athletic abilities

Be a Student First

You have to be a student of the game, a student in the classroom, and a student of your own particular craft. The best way to realize the full potential in anything is to learn all of the ins and outs of your sport and position.

Be Clear On Your Athletic Vision

The best athletes have a vision of where they want their athletic career to go. If you’re clear on your vision you will be clear on the steps you need to take in order to get there.

Attitude Adjustment  

You have to have a positive attitude when you are trying to achieve your goals. You will be dealt hard situations but your attitude towards them is going to have to be as such that these situations don’t make you feel down on yourself, rather they push you to go even harder.

Work Ethic for Boosting Your Self Confidence

You have to learn to stuff down laziness. Having a good work ethic as an athlete is critical to athletic success. It is of extreme importance because it is what is going to drive you to add that extra set, or to do that extra hour in the film room. Boosting your self confidence is not possible if you can't count on yourself to work. 

Be A Leader

As you progress in your athletic career there are going to be younger athletes that are coming up that are looking for guidance. As you were taught by others it is important for you to be willing to lead new athletes as well. Being a leader gives you a different perspective on what it is like to be an athlete. You have more responsibility to show by example which sharpens your own skills.

Learn To Love Discomfort

The comfort zone is where you go to stay the same. Stepping outside of that comfort zone is where you grow. It is where you test yourself and learn exactly what you are made of. Learn to love discomfort in order to keep moving your athletic development needle forward.

Adversis Per Fortitudinem

Strength through adversity. Adversity or struggle is not a bad thing. At first glance, it is, however, there are lessons to be learned from every single struggle and every single adversarial thing that happens in our lives. Facing difficult situations and overcoming them forces us to grow, mature, and gives us the ability to handle even more. Add this to your recipe for success.

A Great Tool to Get Back on The Grind

Habit Stacker is a mobile app that allows you to track key habits. Your habits are the elements that make up your grind. Your habits help you to accomplish your goals and your goals help you to live out your mission. They are important because if you don't have your habits on the lock you will not accomplish what you set out to. It's hard to know how your habits are doing if you don't track them daily. We are never accurate in how we assess our behavior. We always think we are better than we really are.

Habit Stacker has a built-in Journal, and Goal reviewer so you can stay on top of those habits right through the app.

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