Shahid Khan Net Worth = $8.4 Billion

Shahid Khan is a Pakistani-American billionaire. Khan is the CEO and owner of Flex-N-Gate, an American automobile OEM manufacturer. Khan is the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL), Fulham F.C. of the English Football League Championship, and professional wrestling promotion, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) where he is the lead investor.

All of these accolades and successes would not be possible without his up bringing. He came to America at the age of 16 where his first job as a dishwasher paid $1.20 per hour. He eventually went to university where he pledged to a fraternity which forced him to get another job. This work ethic is what has driven him to be a success.

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Shahid Khan

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Quotes - Shahid Khan Net Worth and Key Habits

Toronto is a world class city. You don't have a debate here about immigration because you need it to just maintain your pensions: that's dependent on people coming in to fund that. And again, I don't want to be controversial, but I think the average education level in Canada is probably higher than in the United States.- Shahid Khan

I learned analytics. It's a point of reference, of information. It has to be a factor in decision making.- Shahid Khan

Football is about as popular as it can be in the U.S. The upside, the expansion and growth lies overseas.- Shahid Khan

I love it. In the NFL, you win or you lose, and the money still shows up.- Shahid Khan

The bedrock of this country are immigration and, really, a great separation between church and state.- Shahid Khanc

Habit #1: Principles Over Practices

Shahid believes there is a fundamental difference between principles and practices. He believes that principles are those things that last centuries where practices are only short term. He believes fundamental principles are what you fall back on in all situations. Things that have been proven since the dawn of time.

Books like the Art of war that lay out a list of principles that have survived centuries or practices like the roman empire implemented that not only didn't survive but rather destroyed the empire. Make sure you are relying on principles over practices.

Habit #2: Striving For The "American" Dream

Shahid was born in Pakistan and always had the dream of coming to America to become an engineer. He wanted to have what was called the American Dream. He wanted to make his fortune in America so that is what he did. He started by working as a dishwasher before going to school to become an engineer.

When he graduated he found employment with a manufacturing company called FlexNGate. A company he ended up purchasing only 2 years later.

The point is this. It doesn't matter what the dream is. The fact is that you have to work for the things you want in this world and that means you have to be willing to work like a grunt until you move your way up the ladder of success. One rung at a time.

Habit #3: Constantly Pursue Your Dreams

When Shahid came to America with the dream of becoming an engineer he had no idea that he would eventually fall in love with the sport of football but he did. Once he made the decision in his mind that he would become an owner of a franchise all that was left to answer was when.

He tried to purchase a minority stake in the Rams but was denied until eventually he was able to become the first ever ethnic minority owner in the NFL when he purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The point is this. Once you have your mind set on something that is a dream. You must pursue it till it is realized. Anything else is doing a disservice to the community and more importantly yourself.

Summary - Shahid Khan Net Worth and Key Habits


Principles Over Practices


Striving For The "American" Dream


Constantly Pursue Your Dreams

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