"Pain is a thing of the mind. The mind can be controlled." - Spock. Here are 31 Top Spock Quotes.

Spock Quotes

1. "I'm frequently appalled by the low regard you Earthmen have for life." - Spock

2. "I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline. I object to power without constructive purpose." - Spock

3. "I like to believe that there are always possibilities." - Spock

4. "Change is the essential process of all existence." - Spock

5. "You Earth people have glorified violence for forty centuries. But you imprison those who employ it privately." - Spock

6. "Virtue is a relative term." - Spock

7. "Vulcans never bluff." - Spock

8. "Violence, in reality, is quite different from theory." - Spock

Spock Quotes

9. "It is the lot of 'man' to strive no matter how content he is." - Spock

10. "I fail to comprehend your indignation, sir. I have simply made the logical deduction that you are a liar."- Spock

11. "Insufficient facts always invite danger." - Spock

12. "Evil does seem to maintain power by suppressing the truth." - Spock

13. "Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them." - Spock

14. "One can begin to reshape the landscape with a single flower." - Spock

15. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one." - Spock

16. "I have been and always shall be your friend." - Spock

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Spock Quotes

17. "In critical moments, men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see." - Spock

18. "You find it easier to understand the death of one than the death of a million." - Spock

19. "Without followers, evil cannot spread." - Spock

20. "Logic is the beginning of wisdom ... not the end." - Spock

21. "Humans smile with so little provocation." - Spock

22. "Live long and prosper."- Spock

23. "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but is often true." - Spock

24. "It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want." - Spock

Spock Quotes

25. "May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with Humans? I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant."- Spock

26. "Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted." - Spock

27. "I see no logic in wanting to worship a deity who demands you live in perpetual fear." - Spock

28. "If there are self-made purgatories, then we all have to live in them." - Spock

29. "I realize that command does have its fascination, even under circumstances such as these, but I neither enjoy the idea of command nor am I frightened of it. It simply exists, and I will do whatever logically needs to be done." - Spock

30. "Beauty is transitory." - Spock

31. “Physical reality is consistent with universal laws. Where the laws do not operate, there is no reality.” - Spock

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Best of Spock Quotes

"I must acknowledge, once and for all, that the purpose of diplomacy is to prolong a crisis." - Spock
"Humans do have an amazing capacity for believing what they choose and excluding that which is painful."' - Spock
"I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question." - Spock.

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