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Everyone needs help at some point in life. No one makes it to their success destination on their own. The idea of the self-made person is not real. To be self-made, it would mean you have had no help at any point in life. The page you’re on has been designed to be the help that many people need. It’s intended to point you in the right direction and be your success guide.  Success has been broken down into basic success articles, productivity, goals, and more complex success articles. These are all critical components to succeeding in life. If you have no plans, you have no direction or purpose. Without productivity, you can win, but it may take you much longer, and time is valuable and impossible to get back. Success requires a lot of things coming together at the right time. 

Get a Taste of the Success Guide

The best way to get started with anything is to get a taste. In basketball, you can’t want to be a three-point master before you get your layups down. The basics always come before the more complex matters. The same rules apply with success. The group of articles listed here is considered to be the basics. It would be best if you mastered the basics before you can move on to more complicated things.

– 5 Lessons Learned About Success From Riding The Bus– 30 Steps to Building a Millionaire Mindset– Change Anything in Your Life with 15 Minutes a Day– 10 Positive Ways to Overcome Obstacles– 10 Best Motivational Speakers: The Guide To Motivation – I Don’t Know What to Do With My Life: 8 Steps to Bring Purpose to Your Life– Intrinsic Motivation: What it Means and How to Find It– One Thing You Can Delete to Learn More Each Day– Fake People: 11 Ways to Spot and Avoid Them at All Costs – 15 Inspirational Videos to Get You Fired Up– 12 Ways to Reinvent Yourself for Success and Purpose– Live Life to The Fullest: 7 Ways to Live Without Regrets– 8 Simple Secrets to Be More Likeable – How to Find Your Gift and Cultivate It – Life is Short: Go Make That Dream Happen

Great Books

– 10 Key Factors of Success From Millionaire Mind– 10 Motivational Books to Get Your Day Started– 7 Best Finance Books for Beginners– 10 Best Marketing Books to Read– 10 Top Leadership Books for Success– 10 Books to Read When You Want to Quit – 10 Best Books for New Entrepreneurs

Build Better Goals 

If you want to be successful over the long run, you need to be prepared with reasonable goals. Goals are the places in life that you desire to be. Some people fail because they set goals that feel too unattainable. Since they don’t believe they can succeed, they don’t give an honest effort to get there. When you set goals that are too easy, you never achieve what you want. It’s also essential to understand how Goals and Habits are so closely tied together. No habit is worth sticking with if it’s not attached to the right goal. No goal makes sense unless there is a broader mission that it can fit inside. Without understanding your mission, your dreams don’t make sense.

– 20 Long Term Goals and Why You Need Them– 120 Bucket List Ideas to Live Your Best Life– How to Love Yourself: 7 Essential Tips to Get Started– Journaling Ideas for Success: What to Write in Journal– Short-Term Goals That Set You Up for a Lifetime of Success– The End Goal and Why You Can’t Take Your Eye Off of It– Switching Goals and Why You Should Stop Doing It– Personal Goals for Work: 4 Things You Can do to Ensure You Crush it at Work– 12 Vision Board Ideas to Empower Your Future Success– 7 Ways to Write a Life-Changing Personal Mission Statement– Overcome Your Excuses to Reach Your Goals– Goal Setting Theory and How to Use it to Succeed– What Are Your Career Goals? Begin With the End in Mind– Friendship Goals That Will Help You Live a Fulfilled Life

Increase Your Productivity  

Productivity is how you go from having a vision to being able to live it. You must remember that time is the one thing that you can’t get back. Why take four hours to do something you could have done in half of the time with the right strategies? Productivity is what allows you to execute all of the grand plans you have. You will notice on your journey to success that many people have unique ideas. They can create the vision all day, but the day to day execution is not there, and because of that, they never succeed.

– The Secret to Productive Mornings– The Punishment That Will Stop Procrastination On The Spot– How to Go From Night Owl to Early Riser– How to Stop Procrastination By Finding The Root Issue– 100 Productive Things to Do When You’re Bored – How to Learn From Mistakes Fast– The Pomodoro Technique: Supercharge Your Productivity in 25 Minutes– 40 Self Care Ideas to Keep Your Mind Refreshed– Ready Fire Aim- How to Succeed and Learn as You Go– What Will You Sacrifice to Get What You Want?– Why Committing to One Thing is the Key to Clarity in Life– 3 Things You Need to do to Maximize Productivity

– How to Be Cautiously Optimistic and Keep It 100 – Stop Chasing The Shiny New Thing– The Beginners Guide to a Stress Free Life– Get Some Extra Life and Beat Your 24 Hours– Productive Resources to Get More Out of Each Day– How to Wake Up Early and Demand Success From The Day – These Time Wasters Have Been Killing Your Dreams

More to the Success Guide…

Once you get the basics of success down, you will be ready to move on to more in-depth topics. Success is simple, but it’s not easy. If it were easy, everyone would be where they want to be. You have to push yourself way outside of your comfort zone. You miss out on things like social media, time with friends, games, eating out, trips, and being able to spend your money on having fun. When you get into the nitty-gritty of success, you see how much you have to give up. You learn why so few succeed due to the difficulty. Most people are not willing to put themselves in tough spots for years to come out way ahead.

– 8 Ways to Overcome Never Good Enough Syndrome– Amateur vs The Pro- Why Few People Achieve Greatness– Why Customer Success is The New Entrepreneur Gold– When Your Dream Overwhelms You– Stay Consistent and Hungry for 10 Years– Stand Up for What You Believe in Without Being Ignorant– Before You Quit Do This 10 Times-10 Types of Toxic People and How to Stop Them From Dragging You Down– 7 Reasons Why Life is So Hard and 15 Things You Can Do To Win Anyway– Be Relentless: How 2 Year Olds Show The Way– The Kobe Mentality and How it Can Help You– Reading Mastery: Your Guide to Opening Your Mind With Books– 30 Day Success Formula Hack– Back to The Grind: Stop Whining & Start Winning – I Hate My Job: 5 Crazy Things People Put Up With– You’re Here On Purpose: Get Ready for This Important Meeting– Stand Up for What You Believe In Without Being Ignorant

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