Many people have a love-hate with their mornings. It starts with getting up because you have to for school to get up for work. There is good news though; you can learn to love the morning! What you need is a morning routine app that will help you organize and start your day the way you want. The issue with your habits is that you know you need to make a change. You don't know how to go about making that change stick. That is all going to change today when you start using this morning routine app.

Habit Stacker makes setting your morning and daily routine simple. As you add new habits, the app helps you to change your identity. Start small and have accountability.

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The Three Mindset Shifts Before Using The Morning Routine App

1. Change Your Identity
2. Start Small
3. Have Some Accountability

Change Your Identity

Have you thought about this? You will always behave in congruence with self-image. If you see yourself as someone that cannot get up and that hates the morning, your actions will confirm that. If you believe you are lazy, you will make choices that reinforce that self-image.
The key to starting to change any habit is first to stick a fork in your old identity. Your new identity is one of being a morning person. You are not a morning. Now you're a morning superstar. You tell them about how you love getting up early.
The more you make this new trait your identity, the more the morning routine app is going to be able to help. You have to see yourself as a different person or else you will also make choices that go against who you want to be. If you want to build habits of health, you need to see yourself as someone that loves fitness. 

Start Small

The big reason that you have failed to make habit changes in the past is that you start too big. If you want to be a morning person and you currently get up at 8 AM, do not start trying to get up at 4:30 AM. It will not last.

Instead, start waking up 15 minutes earlier. Prove to yourself that you have the discipline to wake up early. As long as you get up before your regular time, you are still waking up earlier and building confidence. When you can wake up 15 minutes earlier for seven days in a row, then move to a harder challenge.

Keep creeping your way to your initial goal. You can make significant and bigger leaps as you get closer to your goal of 4:30 AM. By starting small, you give yourself a chance to succeed. Let's face it if you can't wake up at 7:00 4:30 will not be any better. If you want to build habits of health, you start small by doing one push up a day, not going to the gym for a full body workout. 

Have Some Accountability

If you're going to start a morning routine, you increase the chances of success if you have someone to hold you to do it. The reason waking up is tough to stick with is because no one knows if you wake up late or not but you.
You can find someone who is going to wake up at the same time. You can also can find someone you look up to. The morning routine app is going to make doing this part easy. It's vital that you understand how much accountability helps, though.
We often change our behavior when we know that someone is watching. You don't want to be the person that says you are going to do something and then you don't do it at all! Building habits of health with an accountability partner may mean having a training partner. 

The Morning Routine App - Habit Stacker

Habit Stacker makes setting your morning and daily routine simple. As you add new habits, the app helps you to change your identity. Start small and have accountability.

How to Use Habit Stacker

The first thing you need to know is that the app will help you build new habits. What gets tracked gets improved! You have to watch a metric to know if you are moving in the right direction.

When you try and change your habits without a habit tracker, it usually fails. You won't know how often you are hitting your habits. You will overestimate how well you're doing

The habit tracker gives you the truth. There is no lying to yourself. Each day you have to record whether you got up on time to attack your morning routine or not. There is no way to run from it.

How Habit Stacker Turns Your Morning Routine Into Habit

Morning Routine App - I Am

First things first, Habit Stacker can help you change your identity. On your profile, you can set you "I Am statement." The "I AM statement" designed to declare a new identity. For the person who has had trouble losing weight, they can affirm, "I am my ideal weight." You can set yours as "I am an early morning person."

Other people will be able to see this on your profile. You are letting the world know that you now associate with a new identity. Be done with the old and ready for the new habits.

Morning Routine App - Start Small

Habit Stacker will help you to start small. The app will take your habit and break it down for you to a more comfortable starting point. If you want to run 10 miles a day as a new habit. It will put you on level one of that habit which is to run half a mile. Once you do this for a week straight, the app will bump you up to the next level.

It may seem frustrating to start this way. The goal is not to hold you back but help you build sustainable habit building processes. Starting small is the one that the ambitious always let get away. You have to focus on what will get you in the rhythm instead of trying to challenge yourself too much.

Morning Routine App - Add a Partner Quickly

Habit Stacker is the best morning routine app. The reason in one word, accountability. Each habit that you track can have its own accountability partner. If they are in the app, you can invite them to be your accountability partner. If they are not using the app, you can ask them to join so they can be.

Your accountability partner will get a notification when you fail. They will then proceed to reach out to you and get on you about your choices. There is no other app doing this!

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