Travis Kelce Net Worth = $12 Million

Travis Kelce is an tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. He was drafted by the Chiefs in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He played college football at the University of Cincinnati.

He is a five-time Pro Bowler and a four-time All-Pro. He holds the NFL record for most seasons with 1,000 yards receiving by a tight end. He is the younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles center, Jason Kelce.

He has also had his foot in the reality TV world when he was the star of the show Catching Kelce where his mission was to seek love. Rather unconventional for a still active athlete in the NFL athlete.

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Travis Michael Kelce

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Pro Bowl Tight End



Quotes - Travis Kelce Net Worth and Key Habits

Im just happy for these guys in this locker room, playoff wins are hard to come by, let alone wins in the NFL. So I mean, its just exciting for the chiefs to be able to play next week. - Travis Kelce

No disrespect to Gronk- Travis Kelce is the best tight end in football. -Booger McFarland

The Raiders man, the fan base here is... They're going to let you know how they feel and you know that's why I love coming here. - Travis Kelce

Seeing everyone flick me off coming in on the bus and see a few people's cheeks you weren't trying to see. Its just football at its finest, man or pregame at its finest and you know. We're going to miss that for sure. - Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Why So Serious?

Travis Kelce is one of the most loose players on the field. He is constantly having fun and that is where he thrives. He doesn't see the need to be serious all the time. Playing professional sports comes with it an innate amount of pressure. So putting more pressure on himself simply does not make sense.

It is okay to allow yourself to have fun at work or at any part of your life. Finding and making light of tough situations is okay. You don't need to constantly be serious. You can get work done and have a great efficiency rate without being a hard a** all the time.

Habit #2: Put The Work In

Travis kelce is one of the best tight ends in the game today. If he wants to keep this title then he has to put the work in every single day. From film, to work in the weight room, to catching ball after ball. The point is it is always harder to stay on top of the mountain once you get there.

 It should always be about the work. You only get results when you put the work in for it. That is just how life works. If you want to get things done they are going to have to come from the work you put in. The more you put in the more you will get out of it in one way or another.

Habit #3: Have Confidence

Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the game, and he knows it. He knows how talented he is and is confident that he can perform in all situations. No matter what the down and distance is he feels he can get the first down or touch down without question. This confidence is contagious, spreading to all his team mates.

You should have confidence in your abilities. You have worked and trained for whatever it is you are trying to accomplish and you should truly believe that you are capable of getting it done, whatever "it" is.

Summary - Travis Kelce Net Worth and Key Habits


Why So Serious?


Put The Work In


Have Confidence

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