Venus Williams Net Worth = $95 Million

Venus Williams is one of tennis's greatest players, no matter gender. She is and was one of the best to step onto the court. She and her sister Serena revolutionized how female tennis was viewed.

They changed the game with there furious playing style. Venus Williams trophy case is filled with accolades having won every single grand slam possible and being a gold medalist representing the USA.

She is an entrepreneur, NFL owner (partial), and a humanitarian. Her career both on and off the court has been illustrious. She will always be seen as one of the greatest to have ever picked up a racket.

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Venus Ebony Starr Williams


Tennis Player




Quotes - Venus Williams Net Worth and Key Habits

"Life's a challenge, but that's the best part."- Venus Williams

"I want to get better. Every time you lose, you learn from it, and after every win, you look to building on the tempo."-Venus Williams

"My first job is big sister and I take that very seriously."- Venus Williams

"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does that's what makes you a winner"- Venus Williams

"I always thought of it like, 'What can my body do for me?' and not, 'How do I look?'"- Venus Williams

Venus Williams Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Know What You're Eating

Like many athletes, Venus focuses a lot on what kinds of food she puts into her body. However, she was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, an auto-immune disease that she decided to treat herself with a diet change.

She focused on eating a plant-based diet, which helped her perform at a higher level. She consistently stated that no matter what your diet, know what it is, you are eating first.

Habit #2: Do Cardio You Enjoy

As an athlete in a sport that is based around multiples of efforts over time, she finds long distance cardio to be some of the most torturous training she does. She knows it is essential to do cardio in some form every single day, and how you do it is not what matters as long as you are getting your heart to work.

Habit #3: Meditate In Your Own Way

Meditation can be done in a wide variety of ways. If you have a hard time sitting still, then you should find something repetitive and allow yourself to focus on that. You must be allowing your mind to get into a flow state.

It is great to allow your mind to stay focused on a singular task. Whatever your form of meditation is, you should do it as often as possible to strike the balance our minds and bodies need daily.








Professional Debut at 14

First Grand Slam Title

Olympic Gold Medals

Ranked no.1 in the world

Win Third Gold Medal

Summary - Venus Williams Net Worth and Key Habits


Know What You're Eating


Do Cardio You Enjoy


Meditate Your Own Way

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