Are you in the market for a piece o land? With the ever-growing population, demand, and the fact that land can’t be manufactured, owning a parcel is fulfilling. But, how do you go about buying land? Buying land in Kenya is not complicated. It takes a few steps, including a search to ascertain ownership, making the payments, signing the agreement, and closing the deal where the land transfer occurs. The best part is that you can easily find land options on Hauzisha, meaning that your hunting quest won’t be challenging. Nonetheless, you need to know a few elements before buying to ensure you make a sound investment. Here is a glance at the options available when purchasing land in Kenya to set you on the right path.

Land ownership

Land ownership can catch you off guard if you aren’t careful. The primary ownerships available are leasehold and freehold. In freehold ownership, you own the land for an indefinite period. The ownership can only change if you opt to sell or transfer the land to someone else, such as to your beneficiaries. In leasehold, you own the land for a set tenure. In Kenya, this typically entails a maximum of 99 years. You have an option to extend the leasehold. The ownership duration also typically involves paying a fee throughout the tenure. Imagine investing in a leasehold property, only to realize you have five years left on the tenure. That can be frustrating, emphasizing the need to understand ownership before buying.

Land types

Zoning, while easily overlooked, can impact how you benefit from the land. Some regulations stop you from undertaking certain activities in a region. If, for example, a zone is designated as agricultural land, you might not be able to subdivide it into smaller plots or build commercial properties such as condos. Here is a look at the primary land types you can buy.

Commercial land

Commercial land is available in all sizes and shapes, but mostly as subdivided plots. This is a land where you can undertake commercial activities, such as building offices, parking lots, and shopping malls, to mention a few. Commercial land is usually the most expensive. Nonetheless, it is worth the investment, keeping the notable returns in mind. Commercial land is typically located within a developed or growing city/town.

Industrial land

Industrial land is much like a commercial option, only in large quantity. While commercial land is mainly available in smaller plots, industrial land is available on larger scales to accommodate extensive machinery space, storage units, and other warehouse and production needs. You don’t have to be starting up a production company to consider industrial land. It is an excellent real estate investment since you can buy and rent it. This is profitable and convenient, primarily since most tenants lease industrial property long-term.

Residential land

Are you looking for land to build your home? Residential land is the go-to for such purposes. Apart from your home, you can also develop residential rental property on the land. Nonetheless, this is subject to the local zoning laws. For instance, in some areas, the laws limit the number of properties that can be built on a lot. The laws also dictate the maximum building’s height and closeness to the neighbouring properties. Therefore, before settling on a particular residential land, ensuring you understand the regulation is essential, ensuring you don’t buy a plot that won’t allow you to explore what you had in mind when shopping.

Vacant land usually costs lower than developed property. It is also easier to find, especially with innovative solutions like Hauzisha. With the many options available, your only limitation is your checklist.

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