Selflessness and doing more to help the vulnerable and others in need in society is always a fantastic and laudable thing to do. We need charity more than ever in 2022. Personal social media accounts mean you can interact with family and friends in real-time. This instant gratification through likes and comments has created a more egotistical and self-centered society. However, we must never underestimate the power of charity and its effectiveness at pulling other people out of hardship and difficult situations. Recent events showcased the importance of charity and the work of non-profits in the modern era. During the pandemic, non-profits across the U.S mobilized and stepped in to help as the economy dipped and citizens began to struggle. People suddenly had far less money as businesses shut down, and many in previously stable jobs were made redundant by their employers. We have come up with reasons why helping others is always a fantastic thing to do. Carry on reading to find out more about how the work of non-profits is as relevant and essential as ever in today’s world. 

Look Out For The Most Vulnerable In Society

Every functional democratic society needs citizens who have compassion and understanding for one another, and we must do our very best to take care of the most vulnerable in society. Examples of ways you can help the vulnerable include raising money to support the homeless, the disabled, those living with serious illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases, war veterans, individuals with mental health disorders, currently unemployed people, and plenty more. Is there a particular non-profit that you think does excellent work to positively impact the lives of others (or animals!)? If you are interested in raising money to support the work of a non-profit organization, check out Givebutter, this fundraising platform is donor-friendly and completely free to use. You can set up a fundraising page on the platform and encourage your family and friends to donate in no time at all.

You Get A Unique Feeling Knowing You’ve Helped Those In Need

Instant gratification is everywhere in 2022. With the immediacy of the internet and digital technology, we can get what we are after straight away. Is there a particular movie you want to watch at home? With a few clicks of a button, you will probably be able to find it on an on-demand streaming platform online within a few seconds. However, the feeling you get inside when you selflessly do something to help others is a special feeling that is pretty unique. A non-profit may get back to you, for instance, and explain how the money you managed to fundraise helped to keep their non-profit afloat this year and to continue to provide others with assistance and vital support all year round. What a feeling that could be, knowing you helped a non-profit you care deeply about to carry on with their impressive work for others.

You May Have A Close Connection With Somebody Affected By A Particular Health Condition

Many of us have a relative, friend, or somebody close we are close to who has been affected in some way by health conditions. Perhaps you have a grandparent who had Alzheimer’s, for instance, and therefore you would like to raise money for a non-profit that strives to support people living with Alzheimer’s on a day-to-day basis. Raising money for a non-profit after having a personal connection with somebody whose life has been significantly impacted by a health condition is a thoughtful thing to do for others. It demonstrates not only that you care deeply for those close to you but that you also care about others in society. When you have had a personal experience with something, it can touch your heart and make you even more determined to fundraise as much as you possibly can. 

Future Employers Will Love Hearing About Your Fundraising Efforts

One additional bonus of fundraising to support the work of non-profits is that employers hold candidates who are able to speak articulately about what they have learned from their fundraising and volunteering experiences in high regard. Making an effort to raise money for a charitable cause you care about by perhaps doing something daring, challenging, and adventurous such as skydiving or running a marathon shows employers that you possess incredible drive and self-motivation. You may be applying to a business that cares deeply about social responsibility and its impact as an organization on the world, in which case, they are likely to look at your fundraising efforts favorably. 

Of course, the most important thing about raising money is to help others and offer essential support to the most vulnerable out there. However, it could prove a gem in your job applications and key to impressing your employers and helping you stand out. In 2022, the importance of raising money to help others remains strong and has not faded away. Assisting people in a less privileged position in society will always be an admirable act.

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