Life is brutal. Straight up. It can beat you down every single day without remorse and that is a reality for millions of people every single minute of every single day. People living in war-torn countries, poverty-stricken neighborhoods, and a number of other horrible circumstances. There are endless stories of those that come from those circumstances that have risen above all of it and made their way to success. You have to realize that Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.

Your ability to be within horrible and uncomfortable situations with a smile is a skill that many people are missing.  For some reason, our ability to withstand hardship as a whole has dropped. We are quick to quit however your success is right on the other side of that hardship. Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude. You are going to read that statement over and over again in this article. Below you will read some of the best self confidence tips you can get. 

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude If you want to soar you are going to have to learn to approach things with positivity. Try to find what is good about all things

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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

The way in which you approach all situations is important. It takes mindfulness within all circumstances in order to make it through hard things. It is easy to get emotional and react negatively to all things.  It's not comfortable to smile in the face of adversity. As human begins we have an uncanny ability to swing from emotion to emotion especially when you are being accosted by someone else.

However, learning to smile and move through situations with a positive attitude at all times is going to serve you for your entire life. Remember Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude. Your level of success is going to be determined with how you react to the things that happen to you. It is going to be dependent on your level of commitment to your "why".

How many times have you gone into something with a bad attitude and came out of the other side of it with positive results? Probably very few times. However, let's flip the script. Think back to when you were heading into a situation with a positive attitude, did you come out with your desired result? Probably yes however if not you didn't leave with anything at all you left with lessons.

Those that go into situations with a negative attitude and lose always come out of it with excuses with zero lessons learned. Where those that go into things with a positive mental attitude will come out with either a victory or they can look back on it and pick apart the things they did wrong in order to fix it down the road.


Positive Mental Attitude

Achieving a positive mental attitude can be difficult especially if you have been groomed to be constantly negative at every single turn. Those with extreme optimism tend to always have P.M.A. They may come off too positive to you but that is only because you're too negative.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude If you want to soar you are going to have to learn to approach things with positivity. Try to find what is good about all things. However, as I have said this is much easier said than done. Let's cover some things you can do to achieve a positive attitude at every turn.

Self Confidence Tips

1. Change your words

The words you speak matter. Stop saying negative words. Get yourself into a better space by the things you say. Stop saying the word "can't" or "won't" Both words just lend to you or anyone else not being capable of doing something. Start using words that lend to more positive outcomes. It is not easy to change how you speak but that is where mindfulness comes into play. Be mindful of how you are talking.

2. Fail More

Sometimes failure is the ultimate teacher. It will turn you humble really quickly and get you moving in the right direction. Failing more and learning to take the lessons from which each of those failures brings you. The more you see yourself learning the more often you will be able to get in the right attitude of being okay with failure. That, in turn, will bring you a positive mental attitude.

3. Find The Positive

When you are going through tough times as many of us do it is important to find the positive. You can always sit in your own woes and hate every single thing you are going through or you can decide to find the things inside your tough situation that is going to turn you into a better, stronger, more put together person.

This video by Jocko Willink is the personification of finding the positive. You need to realize there is always something good you can take from every single situation that happens. It is always about perspective! Look at all situations with a zoomed out point of view in order to see where the good things are!

Habit Stacker = Freedom

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Habit Stacker has a built-in Journal, and Goal reviewer so you can stay on top of those habits right through the app. The best way to apply these self confidence tips is to track your habits daily. 

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