We live in a world filled with entitlement. Everyone feels like they are owed something. Whether it is fair treatment, rights to millions of dollars, respect, you name it, and people have this notion that they deserve to have it. All of this without having to put in the hours of work to obtain some of these "things."  As I grew up, I was always told I was special in some form or fashion. Or that I could do things that no one else would do. I grew up in an era where giving everyone praise was all the rage. They were not special, I was not special, and you're not special. There is no quick access 30 day formula outside of trying to get one percent better daily. 

Participation trophies left to right and center. I was a horrible athlete as a youth. I tried my hardest to be on every single team possible but I would not make it, but I would always hear how special I was. It did not add up at all. I would run cross country, and at the end of the race, I would be handed a ribbon with the famous "participant" on it.

It is possible that showcasing that participant ribbon will and is more embarrassing than just telling the story. We Live in a world that rewards mediocrity, this rewarding gives everyone this sense of being something special of having the rights to bitch and moan when we do not get "things."

Knowing what you were meant to do is an important aspect of this life. You need to know what you want to do at some point. Finding your purpose in this life is going to set the path in which you walk down.

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There Are Billions Of People - You're Not Special

This planet is populated with over 7 billion people. That is an absurd number when you think about it. That is 7,000,000,000 individuals that are all being told that they are special in some form or fashion. The problem is that if everyone is special then no one special simply by the association.

This is a math problem, if you are really special, let's say you have the ability to do things outside of many peoples reach. But simply because there are so many people on this planet there are going to others that are similar to you if not identical in abilities. Let's say there are only 1% of people on the planet that are like you.

That is still 70,000,000 people. You're not special by any stretch of the imagination. There are people out there that are doing things better than you and then there are people who are doing things better than them. We are not special in any form or fashion.

This issue extended onto the other side of the spectrum. There are people out there that think because they have things SOOOO bad that they are special in the same way those that have it SOOOO good do. They feel like they have been so disenfranchised that they feel like they deserve special treatment.

There are millions upon millions of people that are in the same boat as them but do not have this notion that they deserve something more, again you're not special.

Don't Be Arrogant, You're Not Special and There is no 30 Day Success Formula Short Cuts

Okay now that we know you're not special what do you do from here? Do we just quit and accept the fate of mediocrity? No, you don't you realize that you are going to have to live your own life, you are going to have to live a life that makes the most sense to you. Not out of entitlement or out of some preconceived notion that you are more special than anyone else.

You can tell someone thinks that their shit doesn't stink by the way they treat other people. These people think they are the Alpha male or female of their particular area of "expertise." They treat anyone who may not have as much knowledge or aptitude in that area as beneath them.

This thought process is not going to serve you in any way. You may think your special but you're not special. Take a slice of humble pie and realize that there is never an end to learning. The same is true on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Let Go Of Expectations

If you expect to accomplish something because you think you deserve it or if you think it is owed to you then I suggest you let go of that asap. No one owes you anything. We are living in a world that does not care about you or your problems on a real level.

You will see new outlets outrages at one thing or another or violence because they can not express themselves with any form of tact.

You're not special, work harder. Simple as that. Do not expect to win, just go and ensure a victory. Do not expect people to care about you. Go out there and care about yourself. This is a concept that is falling off the wayside. This does not mean that you can't care about others or care about how things work for people.

This statement that "no one cares" is based on a generalization because many people simply do not care about your problems. They are worried about how well they are doing or not doing. Let go of this thought that you have to be something out of expectations of others or even yourself. Do not expect to be one thing or another, simply be it!

Finding Your Purpose

Knowing what you were meant to do is an important aspect of this life. You need to know what you want to do at some point. Finding your purpose in this life is going to set the path in which you walk down.

After you get rid of the thought that you are more or less special than anyone else, you drop all these expectations you can get down into the real meat of life. You can start really digging into what matters to you.

Start asking yourself the right questions, get to the root of who you are as a person. Stop playing the victim or putting blame on other people. Taking ownership of your life at all levels will let you find the path you want to walk.

Letting go of all these non-helpful notions of thinking your special, people expecting you to be something, or dropping the feelings that everyone is against you making you special in some other fashion will only open up the opportunity for you to find your purpose, it will remove the fog.


You're not special, work harder. A tough statement that could not be truer. We live on a blue marble in space that is not the center of the universe. This means there is no chance that you are either. You are not the next coming of Christ.

Stop world hunger. You are also not so hard done by that you not going to be the one wanted to play the victim or blame others for your lack of progression in life.

Drop these expectations, take some ownership over your life (both the goods and the bads). Find what it is you should be doing to become a more productive member of society. Do this for the betterment of your own family. You are not special, you are a human being on a planet who has 7 billion others made of the same thing you are. Find your lane and carve your path to the best life you can live. You're not special, WORK HARDER! No Short Cuts! No 30 Day Success Formula. 

JJ. Burns

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