Living in 2019 has so many benefits and healthy routine habits you could follow. Many people believe it is the best time in human history to be living and I tend to agree. However, this modern life is filled is distraction and technology designed to steal your attention. Everyone is vying for your likes, views, clicks, money, and worst of all your time. This is where developing zen habits can become one of your greatest tools. Habits that can cut through all the noise and help you focus in on what truly matters.

Everyone is vying for your likes, views, clicks, money, and worst of all your time. This is where developing zen habits can become one of your greatest tools. Habits that can cut through all the noise and help you focus in on what truly matters.

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Zen Habits Are Simple

Our ability to remain calm, present and focused are all part of our human nature. We were born with the ability to manage our internal environment. It is without our own selves that we have the ability to master our emotions, and where our attention is focused. The pressures of the external world have managed to hack into our psychology but it is simple to regain our ability. Here are some examples of zen habits that you can start to add into your life to battle against all of the distractions.


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools I have added to my life. If I didn't go down the rabbit hole of meditation I would not be where I am today. It is the ability to sit and breathe that has allowed me to focus in on the things the really matter. It quiets the noise and it gives you the amazing gift of staying calm in hectic situations. This is one of the most effective zen habits to adopt. It is simple to do but hard to master. This is one of the most underrated healthy routine habits. 

I have separated mindfulness from meditation in this article for good reason. Mindfulness meditation is what I am talking about here and it is very easy to start. In fact, let's start now. Close your eyes and focus on your breathe. Mind your breath and feel where it goes and how it feels as you exhale. Do that for 5 breaths. Congratulations you just did a small bit of meditation. When you are trying to adopt zen habits you have to realize that it is simple by it is not easy.

You may have felt some lowering in your heart rate and felt a little bit calmer. However, when you turn that exercise into 10 minutes you are going to have your brain throw in some distractions of its own, for example, that one guy who said something to you, or the groceries you have to get, or where you have to be in 2 hrs. That is fine all you have to do it realize you are distracted and move your attention back to the breath,


The reason why I have taken mindfulness and made it one of its own zen habits is this. Mindfulness can be applied to everything you do in life. You can be mindful of eating, sleeping, walking, and I am even being extremely mindful as I type the keys during the particular sentence. It is the ability to have full attention on every single movement you make. It is the intention behind the movement it is the focus on that one thing at that one particular moment.

I do not expect anyone to be mindful at every single moment in their lives. Guess what you would get nothing done. . However, it is an important practice to adopt. When you are obtaining zen habits you need to realize that it is going to take time. Here is how you add mindfulness into your daily life.

When you are walking, pay attention to how the ground feels under your feet on each step. Take your time while you feel the pavement, grass, or dirt under your feet. Don't be in a rush to get somewhere. Just realize you are feeling your foot move through that surface.

When you eat throughout the day, taste your food, feel the texture of it. Don't just mindlessly eat it. Pay attention to the little things your meal has to bring. It is important to realize that you don't need to rush with everything you do.


Believe it or not, you are in control of how you approach all situations. Your attitude is directly affected by how you respond to the things that happen to you. You do not have to get angry at things, you can acquire a smile first mentality it will help you attack all things. Smiling in the face of adversity is one of the greatest zen habits

Smiling is one of the easiest things you can do. Even faking a smile can trigger a release of endorphins in your brain which will help you approach the situation with a completely different mental state.

Simply learn that when bad things are happening force a smile. When good things are happening smile even harder. This requires mindfulness. You have to know that you're in a bad space and to release a smile when you can. It is always important to smile through the bs that life can throw at you.

Zen habits can be tough to obtain. It is going to take time and it is going to take patience. Habit Stacker is a fantastic tool you can use if you are looking to gain any habit with its awesome habit tracker. You simply need to input what you want to change in your life and work towards that goal every single day.  Using Habit Stacker every day is a discipline and a zen habits on its own.

Using it every day will give you freedom in the back end because it is going to allow you to get the attributes you are looking for faster. We are looking to create a better human being every single day. Looking to give those seeking success a real-life tool that can help them obtain whatever it is they are looking for every single day.  That discipline you are gaining when you use Habit Stacker is going to do nothing but give you the ability to do what you want at the end of the day hence the freedom! Track all of your healthy routine habits. 

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