Event planning requires a specific type of person. You need the social skills to help hosts bring their visions to life and handle guests on the day of the event. You need organizational skills so that the party planning and execution are flawless. And you need the courage to make it as an entrepreneur in a world that tells you to climb the same corporate ladder as everyone else.

If you’re a social, organized, and courageous person, then you should start an event planning business. Try these four helpful tips to get started on the right foot and allow your business to thrive.

Get Everything In Writing

You may think that event planning is all about the events themselves. In order to throw a successful event for someone, though, you need contracts. You or a legal professional will have to draft a contract for your business and your client. This ensures that you work within your business’s boundaries and the client gets what they want. You’ll also need to sign contracts with vendors; this could include the event location, a caterer, and a photographer. Get everything in writing from all clients and vendors so each job gets done correctly and every participant is satisfied.

Encourage And Accept Feedback

Constructive criticism will help your business grow. Make sure you encourage your clients, vendors, fellow event planners, and guests to provide feedback throughout the event planning process. Some of the feedback won’t apply to you, such as a guest disagreeing with a color scheme selection the client wanted, but you can take a lot of the feedback to heart. This will help you make each step of your event planning process better for everyone involved, encouraging people to return and recommend your business to others.

Always Have A Backup Plan

No event ever goes perfectly. Sometimes, there are even mishaps before you get to the big event. You need to have a backup plan for the most common event mishaps, such as a client changing a decision at the last minute or technology failing during an event. All backup plans are different, so you’ll have to create a unique plan that works for your business, client, and the specific event. Share your plan with everyone who needs to know, such as vendors working with you and your client and the staff at the event space. This will help everyone keep a cool head if something goes wrong.

Consider E-Commerce

Most events are in-person, but e-commerce is a great option for expanding your event planning business. You’ll need to research and have a good understanding of e-commerce to be a successful entrepreneur in 2023. This can start with advertising your services through a professional website and across social media. Additionally, consider the elements of an event that you can ship to someone. This will help you expand your geographical limits. For example, you could create and sell custom party merchandise, such as balloon bouquets, and ship them to people hosting events across the country. You’ll need to know the nine classes of hazardous waste to make sure you can safely mail items that include gases, but helium is on the safe list. If you want to create, sell, and ship other types of merchandise, consult the list of USPS shipping restrictions or the restrictions set by your chosen delivery service.

Your event planning business can thrive if you follow these four helpful tips and persevere throughout this competitive entrepreneurial market. Building your own business isn’t for the faint of heart, but with creativity and courage, you can succeed.

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