To survive hard times you have to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared with solid habits. When tough times hit our lives, the last thing we think about is improving our habits or sticking with the great ones we have. Tough times make us panic, and we often throw away behaviors that have been serving us.

 The assumption is that if things are not going well, then what you were doing must not have been working. Not only is this not true, but it can derail you when you're close as ever to success. Habits can help you push through hard times.

“Take control of your habits. Take control of your life.” Anonymous

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Stay In Rhythm to Survive Hard Times

If you have no pulse in your heart, it means you are dead. Life will cease to exist. Your heart is the rhythm of your body, and your life needs a rhythm to accel as well. One of the best things about habits and routines is that they help to put you to keep a healthy routine.

Think about when you go on vacation, one of the best things about coming back is getting some routine and structure back in your life. When you are not in any sort of method or schedule, your life starts to seem disjointed and all over the place.

Habits help you to keep your rhythm, so you don't die. When hard times hit your life, the natural thing to do is to feel bad for yourself and stop with your habits. I have seen this so many times with habit stacker. Someone is using the app daily, and then they drop off, and we like to ask them why. So many times, the reason is because of something happening outside of their control. They just throw it all out the window at that point when they should be leaning into their habits harder than ever.

Pound The Rock to Survive Hard Times

When life strikes with turmoil, it's often a test. Anyone can pursue something when it's easy, and everything is going your way. When the tables turn, though, and life gets tough, its a different ball game. The most successful people you can think learned how to pound the rock.

If you think about a big boulder, trying to crack it is going to require some strength, but even more so, you're going to need a lot of persistence. You have to keep hitting the rock over and over again until you are sick of that motion.

Eventually, after enough hits, the rock will crack, but it will not be because of the final blow. The final blow is just the result of many hits that came before it. Every hit weakened the rock a little bit until it finally had to give in.

Habits represent the hits before the final blow. The game winnings shot is the result of taking 400 shots a day at practice. The guy promoted to be the next CEO is the result of years of diligent work and staying focused. Let your habits be your strength when you struggle.

Be Emotionally Steady to Survive Hard Times

When you rely on habits, you can stay emotionally stable much easier. You could reach a massive goal today, but tomorrow you know that you have habits that you need to get to, so nothing is going to change in how you behave.

When times get tough, you never let it break you.

You get fired from your job, no problem, you still get back to your habits. No matt

Steady Pace

When Alexander The Great would travel with his massive army, he did something brilliant. Of course, at this time, they did not have any motorized vehicles. He took over a lot of Asia and Europe on foot.

They would travel the same distance every day. When the weather was great, and the team was feeling strong, they would do less than they were capable of. When the weather was horrible, and the team was worn down, they would do the same amount even if it was more than everyone wanted to.

The reason he did this was that he understood the power of consistency. Everyone knew what to expect, and when the weather was terrible, they had the energy to survive the trip because, on the great weather days, they never panicked.

Habits help you to keep a steady pace in life. Every day you are just trying to chip away at your goals. You don't want to be that person that goes crazy for a month and then is burned out and can't go on anymore. Instead, each day your habits remain the same, and they keep your pace where it needs to be to win in the long run.

Hard Times Are Guaranteed to Come

Life promises death, taxes, and hard times. It does not matter if you are rich, poor, black, white, male, or female because hard times will find you.

Knowing this should not make you worried or upset. The hard times have the power to build you up and bless you if you hang in long enough to see the reward.

Knowing that hard times will come should help you to prepare. Take heart knowing that the habits you are building today can be your saving grace. When others begin to panic and switching their plans, you stay rock steady and focused on your long-term efforts.

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