Self-care has become something that is mentioned a lot these days, but not everyone takes the time to stop and think about what it is. Some people only talk about self care ideas without actually understanding what their mind and body need to be healthy.
On the other end of the spectrum, you have busy people who don't feel they deserve to take care of themselves or think it sounds selfish. They end up getting burned out or seeing considerable drops in their productivity and happiness. Self-care is more important now than ever, but you must approach the right way.

“There is enough time for self-care. There is not enough time to make up for the life you’ll miss by not filling yourself up.” — Jennifer Williamson
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What You Will Learn in this Article

What is Self-Care and Why You Need Self Care Ideas?

Self-care is any action you take to fight against stress, unhappiness, depression, illness, and negative emotions. That's it! Buzzwords like mental health get thrown around a lot, but they can be so vague. Self-care is anything you do to make sure that you are in the right place mentally and physically.
Some people see this definition and realize that they have already developed many different self-care practices. Everyone is different in what they need to make sure that they are doing well mentally and physically, so it can be hard to compare.

None the less, this article is many to give you more ideas of things you can try if you have not thought much about your self-care. Maybe you have relied on only a few things for self-care or didn't know that something you were doing is self-care.

  • Self-care is anything you do to fight negativity in your life
  • Everyone needs different things for self-care
  • Self care ideas are meant to help you explore the depths of your needs

Why You Need Self-Care In Your Life?

Self-care is important right now because we live so far from how we were naturally made to live and this is especially true if you're a city dweller. Here is a list of things we do that are not always the best for us: 

  • Sitting down
  • Staring at screens
  • Less social interaction
  • Less community involvement 
  • More focus on wealth
  • Living around a lot of people 
  • Eating food with preservatives 
  • Eating man made foods
  • Less walking and movement 
  • Addiction to social media 

The list above are just some of from a long list of things that have disrupted what we need in order to be healthy. Since we have introduced technology and more ways to sit down, its important that we combat these things in order to find a healthy balance and that is where self-care comes in. 

Never before have we lived in a time when you can constantly know what humans are doing on the other side of world are doing. Your self-worth is constantly under attack, and self-care provides the weapons to fight back with. 

  • Humans are not living naturally any more 
  • We consistently do more things that attack our mental and  physical health
  • Self care is the weapon to fight all negativity 
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Mental and Emotional Self-Care Ideas

These self-care ideas are meant to revitalize your mind and your emotions. Some of them may go against what is best for the physical body so its important that you're aware of the area you need the most help. 

1. Schedule Personal Days 

Take a day for yourself. It gives you something to look forward as yo go through hard times. A personal day is time that you block to make sure you can do things listed below. 

2. Do One Thing At A Time

There is no better way to overwhelm your mind than to try and do a million things at once. Focus in and just do one thing until its complete and then move on to the next. 

3. Volunteer

Volunteering is a very surprising way to refresh your mind. The reason it works is because it moves you out of thinking what you can get, to focusing on what you can give.

Volunteering makes things about others and it can put you around people doing worse than you. It helps to add some perspective to your life. 

4. Eat Out 

Eating out may not be great for you physically but there is no doubt that good food can bring you some joy. 

5. Sew/Knit/Crochet

There is a reason that there are huge communities of people who sew, knit and crochet in their spare time. Its a very relaxing activity and mentally it can put you at ease. The bonus is that at the end of it you have a product you can use or sell. 

6. Read a Book

Reading is a great time to spend time alone, learn and get your mind focused on something different. Many people read daily and don't even know its a form of self-care. 

7. Draw/Paint 

Take some time to do some art and get the ideas that are in your head out on paper. Art is a very relaxing way to relieve stress and boost your creativity. 

8. Completely Unplug

Go somewhere remote and leave your phone and all other technology behind for a bit. Just spend sometime with no wifi, or connection to anyone or anything but nature. 

9. Read Poetry 

If you like poetry then you should try and read some out loud. When you read it out loud the words just hit harder! 

10. Have a Coffee Date 

You love coffee and you love dates with your friends so why not make some time for a friend while you both get to share something you love. 

11. Write in Your Journal

Keeping a journal is one of the best things you can add to your daily routine. You can keep track of important details you tend to forget while also having a safe place to express yourself. 

12. Rehearse Your Positive Qualities 

When you're having a rough week mentally and you can feel your confidence slipping, take the time to rehearse the things you do well. Think of this like a shot of confidence and self care. 

13. Express Gratitude 

There is no better way to open yourself up for more than to express how grateful for what you already have. No matter how tough things are, there is always something that you can appreciate. 

14. Watch a Sunrise/Sunset

Watch the sun set with someone you love. You don't even need to talk, just experience it with another person. 

15. Do Something for the First Time

Doing something for the first time will revitalize your mind because it will make you feel like a kid again. Its easy to get in a rut of doing the same things over and over again, it feels like life has no flavor. 

16. Meditate 

Take some time to clear your thoughts in silence. There are so many different guided mediation apps and videos, you have no excuse to not make it happen. Focusing on your breath is one of the best ways to find your center during tough times. 

17. Take Care of Your Garden 

Gardening is a great representation of life. New plants show up, some die and others need to be taken care of. As you take care of the plants, the plants take care of you. 

18. Ride a Bike 

Riding a bike will make you feel like a kid again because its an activity most people do when they are young and then they stop. The dual benefit of havign fun on a bike is that you get a workout in as well. 

19. Play With Animals 

If you love animals then the best thing you can do for your mind is invest in your animals. Spend time with them, love on them and make sure that they are as happy as can be. 

20. Write and Cross Off a Worry List 

Write down the list of things that are worrying you and stressing you out. Then cross out each when you call out the solution or realize that they are not that big of a deal. Then throw the list in the garbage to make sure its out of your mind. 

21. Write a love letter to Yourself

Write a love letter pointing out all of the things you love about you. Date yourself and make sure that you win you over. Too many people want others to love them when they don't love themselves. 

22. De-clutter Your Living Spaces 

When you're stressed the last thing you want to do is come home to an over-cluttered and messy living space. Spending time tidying up and reorganizing can be one of the best investments for your mind. 

23. Bake Something

Banana bread and cookies? Sounds great! Make yourself some baked goods and invite over a good friend to share them with.  

24. Go To Bed Super Early 

When most people go to bed early they go 10-30 minutes earlier than normal. Go to bed 2 hours earlier than normal. The best time to refresh your mind is when you are sleeping. 

25. Avoid Toxic People

Toxic people need to go. If you hang around people who are not good for you mentally, you will have a hard time getting to a good space. 

Physical Self Care Ideas

Physical self-care is acknowledging that you can't live forever. You have a finite amount of time on this planet and you don't want to waste because you did not take care of your physical body. 

26. Go for Walks 

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get in shape. Make it a habit to walk on a daily basis. Your body was made to walk long distances as a way of being healthy. 

27. Get a Massage

Massage therapy is one of the best way to relax and take care of your body. Any aches or pains that may have arrived from stress can be worked out by the hands of a good therapist. 

28. Get a Manicure/Pedicure

Take care of your appearance so you can be confident. If your toes or hands need some love, find your way to a good spa and get treated like gold. 

29. Take a Bubble Bath

A long hot bubble can do wonders for you physically and mentally. Where most of the day you want your mind to focus, now is the time to let your mind wander. 

30. Go and Play With Kids 

Playing with kids is one of the easiest ways to forget about life troubles. Kids are not worried about bills, jobs or anything else. Not only ill this put a smile on your face but they will make sure you run. 

31. Relax Under the Sun 

Take some time to enjoy the hot sun. If you have been spending a lot of time inside working, don't underestimate how quickly the sun can boost your mood. 

32. Become a Tourist in Your City

Tourists are always on the move trying to enjoy as much of a city as they can. Do the same in your own city and go on an adventure to learn more about it. 

33. Stretch/Yoga

Your physical body and mind will always appreciate a good stretch. Its worth making this a daily habit, because it has that many benefits. 

34. Do a Hard Workout

Not only do you need to do hard workouts, but you need to be breathing and sweating like a maniac. It sounds horrible but you will love the confidence boost and mood changes you feel afterwards. 

35. Eat a Healthy Meal 

Eat a light meal with lots of fresh greens. Avoid the heavy meals that bog down your body and mind so much. 

36. Drink Water

You will be shocked how many of your life problems can be solved with a drink of water. Nothing about the human body operates well when dehydrated. 

37. Jump On a Trampoline

Not only will you get a great workout in but you will feel like a kid right away. 

38. Get in a Sauna 

The Sauna can be amazing for your body and mind. It will relax you and get your skin feeling amazing in no time. 

39. Go Camping

Get to the outdoors with some friends and enjoy being in the middle of nowhere. Hike, jump in the lake and just have some good ole fun. 

40. Wake Up Naturally 

Forget about the alarm clock for once. Just wake up when it feels right and enjoy your bed. 

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How to Act On These Self Care Ideas

The first thing you want to do is choose a few new ideas that you want to try out. You want to try as many as you can because you just never know what is going to feel great for you. 

Once you find the things that work, you're going to want to turn them into habits. When you make self care a habit, you're being proactive about your health. 

Most people are reactive in that they wait until they get sick, or have a mental break down to take care of themselves. You need to make a habit of taking care of yourself so that none of those things happen. 

Resources for Building Habits 

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  2. How the Key Stone Habit Will Change Your Life
  3.  Why You Need Habit to Survive
  4. These Habits Helped me to become an Olympian
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