Tidy homes are a lot easier to clean. The more clutter and mess you have, the harder it will be to keep high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom hygienic. It also makes it difficult to find important items like your car keys or an invoice that needs paying. 

Living in chaos is also stressful and living amidst mess can cause unnecessary anxiety. Of course, not everyone cares about such things, but if your messy home is dragging you down, there are some tips to help you keep it tidy. 

Have A Clear-Out

Clutter breeds clutter, so at some point you have to be ruthless and start getting rid of things you don’t need. If you are a natural hoarder, this will be difficult, so you might want to ask a friend or relative to help you rationalize your stuff.

Have a big clear out. If something hasn’t been used in forever, is broken, doesn’t fit, or you don’t need it, find it a new home or throw it in the trash. Take old clothes to a local Goodwill store or sell the better items on sites like Vinted. 

Have A Space For Everything

It’s difficult to be tidy if there is nowhere to put anything. This is a common issue in smaller homes, where storage options are minimal. If you lack storage space for everyday items, you need to get creative.

Look for multi-purpose furniture that serves more than one function. For example, there are beds that come with storage below the frame or mattress, so spare bedding, towels, and clothes you don’t need have somewhere to live, out of sight. Loft beds are another good example: the space below the bed is perfect for a desk, a bookcase, and other furniture. It is a great solution for smaller bedrooms.


If you still don’t have enough room in your home for essential items, look at a self-storage solution where less commonly used things can be stored. This isn’t where you’d place your everyday items, but it’s handy for boxes of clothes you don’t wear often, sports gear, bicycles, and furniture you don’t need but are reluctant to dispose of. 

Have House Rules

It should never be just one person’s job to keep a home tidy. Everyone that lives in the home has a responsibility to do their bit. That includes the kids, even the younger ones. 

Assign jobs to everyone. Task one of the kids to unload the dishwasher each morning, so it can be filled as the day goes on. This prevents a stack of dirty dishes from accumulating in the sink. 

Make each person responsible for their own laundry. Give them a laundry basket and teach them how to use the washing machine. Make sure they put clothes away once they are laundered. Have a reward system to encourage the kids to do this, such as a sticker chart. 

Create A Cleaning Schedule

It’s easy to forget about tasks when you don’t have a routine. Cleaning rooms ad-hoc doesn’t work. It’s best to have a schedule so you tackle the various tasks methodically. List all your cleaning jobs as daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal tasks.

Delegate some of the chores to family members. For example, Dad can cut the grass and clear out the gutters while your teenager can vacuum once a week. Younger children can be responsible for simple chores like dusting. 

Shop Mindfully

Never buy things you don’t need. Always ask yourself: do I need this? If the answer is no, then walk away. 

With some simple adjustments, you can have a tidy, clean home. Once you get everyone on board, life will feel so much easier. 

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