Writing outstanding academic papers helps learners to attain high grades in their courses. However, most students are incapable of delivering exceptional papers that align with the paper requirements. While they acknowledge the basic rules of writing an appealing essay, they experience challenges in following the rules and writing high-quality academic papers. Bad writing habits significantly impact your ability to write a compelling paper that communicates your ideas in an easy and precise manner.

Bad Writing Habits You Should Avoid

Here are the 7 bad writing habits you avoid to improve the quality of your academic work.

1. Rushing to work on your essay at the last minute

Do you find yourself procrastinating completing your essays? You aren’t alone. Most students wait until the last minute to hurriedly complete their academic papers. Eventually, they end up sending poorly written, researched, and organized essays, resulting in poor grades.  

2. Inadequate planning

Like in any other task, you need to prepare adequately before you start drafting your research papers. You should determine what you need to communicate and how you will organize your ideas in a logical manner to maintain flow. Adequate planning ensures your paper fulfills all the instructions.

3. Use of informal language and jargon

Other common bad habits in writing are the use of informal language and jargon. While it may be ok to use jargon in technical subjects, overusing it in your academic paper makes it hard to understand. Readers may be disinterested in your work, resulting in poor grades.

4. Writing a hard-to-read text

Most students compose complex texts hoping they will impress the reader and score higher grades. The truth is academic writing requires you to use simple English words and appropriate vocabulary that are easy to understand. You should also use a simple sentence structure to communicate concisely and precisely. Remember using “big words” and using complex sentences will not earn you extra scores. 

5. Failing to pay attention to the required format

One of the writing habits you should avoid is delivering your essays in the wrong format. Always remember that an essay is not all about the content but also how well you present it. Ensure you understand what the different formatting styles entail to ensure you avoid formatting mistakes, which will impact your grade.

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6. Failing to proofread and edit

One of the most annoying bad habits in writing is failing to proofread and edit your work to identify and correct grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors. Delivering an academic paper with common mistakes demonstrates your poor writing skills, which affects your grades. If you can’t proofread your work, request someone to help you or use the numerous free online tools.

7. Copying other people’s work

One of the worst writing habits is plagiarism. Most students use other people’s work and fail to acknowledge them through proper citation and referencing. You should understand the different types of plagiarism to ensure you deliver an original and unique paper that is well-researched and contains accurate citations.

How To Break Bad Habits In Writing

Since bad writing habits are detrimental to your academic success, you should embrace strategies that would help you replace bad manners in writing. Here are a few things you could do to break poor writing habits.

  • Acknowledge the factors that contribute to the bad habits: The first step in addressing your setbacks in writing is to identify what propels the bad writing style. For instance, evaluate why you postpone working on your essays. Some examples of such factors include the use of social media, making calls to friends, and prioritizing leisure activities.
  • Start implementing good writing habits: After highlighting the underlying causes of bad writing habits, take the initiative to replace them with good habits. For instance, start by planning your essays early and create an outline and a timeline. You will finish your essay and spare adequate time to proofread and edit to collect errors.
  • Read widely and practice good writing habits: Reading widely will help you overcome bad habits such as the use of informal language. You may take IELTS to improve your written language and avoid basic mistakes. Ensure you routinely practice what you read. For instance, you can begin with creative writing to learn different aspects such as sentence and paragraph structure.  

Why It Is Important To Break Bad Writing Habits

Breaking bad writing habits has numerous benefits for learners. Although it isn’t an easy endeavor, it is worth a try for students if they want to excel in their academic journey. Here are a few benefits.

  • Communicate effectively and clearly: Once you overcome bad writing habits, you will improve the clarity of your essays, making them interesting to read. Readers will be able to understand your argument and point of view as well as follow your thought process. It will make your academic papers interesting to read, attracting better grades.
  • Become a better researcher: Replacing bad writing habits will help you to gain strong research skills that are necessary for your college and university life as well as in your future career. You will become proficient in identifying credible information, which is a vital skill in this modern era where there is tons of information freely available online.
  • Demonstrate your intelligence and subject mastery: Exceptional writing communicates your intelligence level and subject mastery. For instance, in an essay, the reader expects the first sentence to provide a snapshot of what the entire essay entails. A good essay should also have a compelling thesis statement. With good writing habits, you will demonstrate subject mastery and communication prowess.

Wrapping Up

As a matter of fact, bad writing habits adversely impact students’ performance in colleges and universities. Writing plays a critical role in one’s academic journey since it demonstrates how well one understands the subject contents. Besides, writing reveals an individual’s communication skills. Learners should be aware of the bad in writing, such as procrastination, plagiarism, and grammatical and spelling errors among others, to ensure they avoid them and become better writers. There are numerous strategies that students could adopt to overcome bad manners in writing. For instance, setting clear goals, extensive reading, and continuous practice are effective in replacing bad writing habits. Once you improve your writing, you will enjoy numerous benefits as you achieve your academic goals.

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