In many religions and beliefs, reincarnation is a familiar concept by which someone’s soul exists on this earth and re-exists after a person’s physical body dies and is reborn again. Every past life of that person contains a unique set of feelings, thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Sometimes, these past lives can still affect a person’s current life, even in a different lifetime. This is why most people seek answers or are curious about whom they used to be and what they did before they were born and living in this reincarnated body.

Past life regression therapy uses hypnosis as a therapy method to remember a person’s past. It is usually done as a person’s spiritual pursuit or in a psychotherapeutic setting. This regression allows someone to unlock answers to questions bothering them or address traumas or unexplained difficulties a person might have by viewing it through the lens of their past life.

In past life regression therapy, the practitioner uses this method and the information gathered during the hypnosis to understand the causes as to why the person is currently undergoing an emotional turmoil or a problem they need to address.

For those who are in a state of distress but finding the reasons could be difficult for them, an exemplary method in therapy could be by the use of tapping into the past life, regressing, and knowing patterns and behaviors which may have caused or affected the happenings in a person’s life.

It could work with the subconscious mind, learning about past life activities and revealing answers to questions affecting one’s mental health. This can improve a person’s quality of life by knowing about factors and opportunities that align and work for them, inspiring them even from their past life.

How Does Past Life Regression Therapy Work?

Reincarnation, practiced for thousands of years across many religions and beliefs, is the foundation of past life regression. According to the American hypnotherapist and psychiatrist specializing in past life regression, Brian Weiss, ‘Our body is just a vehicle for us while we’re here. It’s our soul and our spirit that last forever.’

This therapy method is done gently by hypnosis, with a practitioner trying to make a patient reach their subconscious or the part of a person’s mind that keeps memories. Once acquired, the subconscious slowly unfolds details about a person’s past life which is necessary for providing details of the soul.

Many therapy specialists use this method to address depression and anxiety disorders, gender dysphoria, anger issues, mood disorders, phobias, nightmares, and other problems that a person may have in their mental health.

At the same time, people who wish to learn about themselves better and make adjustments may visit a specialist to undergo past life regression and hypnosis. While in the hypnosis state, the practitioner may also ask the client several questions about their past life and record their responses before working on it later.

Reasons To Consider Giving Past Life Regression Therapy A Try

Suppose your mental health needs support right now, and you are looking for an answer, or you want to go on a spiritual journey and improve your way of life. In that case, consider looking for a professional who can allow you to access past-life regression therapy. Here are some good reasons why you should try past life regression therapy:

  1. Spiritual Growth

Past life regression therapy is more than just improving a person’s mental state. As the person progresses through their past lives and discovers how they lived and what they experienced, they are humbled and guided by these details in life.

Past life regression therapy also teaches a person that death is a common occurrence in a person’s life. Every end has a beginning and will soon be reincarnated. Furthermore, it gives a person a sense of security that they are guided by a life that came before them and aiming to live a better, more meaningful life not just for themselves but for their soul’s next lifetime. A better self-identity can be achieved once a person taps into their unconscious and learns about their past life.

  1. Better Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to perceive and comprehend the characteristics that define you as an individual, such as your personality, behavior, principles, beliefs, emotional responses, and thoughts. It is a psychological state in which one’s self becomes the center of attention. As self-awareness benefits many, it can lead to people being too harsh and rigid on themselves and their possible mistakes.

Past life regression therapy enables an individual to make better decisions by learning their paths and ways in previous lives. This also gives them the understanding that these minor mistakes and judgments will not matter in the long run and are simply part of a soul’s long, repeating journey on earth. The habits, actions, and practices that a person is doing now are a product of their past life experience.

  1. Develops Interpersonal Relationships

Learning about a person’s past life develops their sense of self and improves relationships with people around them. Past life regression teaches them to be more empathetic and understanding toward themselves and others. Seeing how people have lived their lives in their past lifetimes, it can allow a person to be kinder and more in tune with other people’s emotions.

At the same time, addressing traumas and using this therapy method to understand and resolve these can allow someone to open up to better interpersonal connections with people again. Learning a person’s behavior and tendencies, and patterns in exhibiting emotions and actions, create a better communication path between people, thus improving interpersonal relationships.

  1. Allows Someone To Reach A Higher Level Of Self

Knowing and learning about the struggles, hardships, and experiences that a person had in their past life could teach them how to be better and cope with life’s challenges from a better perspective, as these negative experiences could make sense to them.

Past life regression therapy can also allow someone to learn the possible causes of their present traumas and make better changes and adjustments to their current lives as they learn from their past life’s faults and experiences. Knowing someone’s past life and the capacities they did not achieve or wish to change can result in better motivation and desire for self-improvement.

  1. Permitting Forgiveness

In therapy, forgiveness is an important issue that needs to be carefully addressed for someone to move forward. This requires an emotional toll of addressing the problem, which can be a painful experience for many, along with the choice of letting go of the grief and anger attached to the negative emotion.

As past life regression is based on a soul’s reincarnation, it could be a helpful therapy method to forgive someone or something not just in this lifetime but from its possible connections in past lives, which may have affected the amount of grief for the current situation. This could make forgiveness make more sense for the person and allow them to prepare and ready themselves to let go of the problem.

  1. Uncover Interests And Talents Which A Person Can Carry To Current Life

On a lighter note, past life regression therapy can not only help a person find answers and address their traumas. This method can also help uncover what a person’s hobbies or interests are in the lives they have lived before and may use this to their advantage, especially if the person in their current life is unaware of their past potential.

These could be talents, skills, or even things they used to enjoy. Learning these things could help them re-discover these hobbies or even guide their career path as they know which of these options and skills allowed their past self to succeed.

  1. Finding Roots Of Physical Conditions

Past life regression therapy can also help a person understand and learn the spiritual cause of their physical conditions, whether it may be an ailment or a persistent ache. Some of these may be rooted in the same state or something related, manifesting as physical pain in the present.

This could give a sense of clarity as to why the person may feel these ailments and allow them to let go of these past life troubles, which can support their mind in helping the body recover physically.


There is much more than the lives we currently live, as the souls we have walked this earth before our lifetime. These lives can have significant effects that may have been carried over to other lives, resulting in unresolved mental problems that need to be addressed or deep-rooted traumas for which a person may find it challenging to find an answer.

Past life regression therapy can help a person by allowing spiritual growth, improving self-awareness, developing interpersonal relationships, permitting forgiveness, uncovering interests and talents, and finding roots for physical conditions.

Tapping into a person’s subconscious mind and uniting them with their past self can lead to improved, well-balanced physical and mental health for the person’s current lifetime.

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